Dear Government, I think I want to fire you.

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Dear Government,

I think I want to fire you.  We voted for you- Democrat, Republican, Independent- we VOTED for you, and that means we hired you to do a job.

You aren’t doing that job.


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I’m not sure how it happened, when or why, but at some point, we voters missed the day when you all voted in to allow yourselves to continue to be paid while others risk losing their income, either by furlough or layoff.  That’s not ok.

If we don’t do our jobs, we have consequences.  That’s how things work.  Or rather, it’s how things SHOULD work.

If you don’t get that budget balanced, you shouldn’t get paid until you do.  ANY of you.  I’m talking from the President and continuing all the way down the line.  It seems to me, as a voter, a mom, a woman and a taxpayer, that you have all collectively lost sight of the job you were hired to do.

You were all elected. That means at some point, some of us had enough faith in you to say hey! That person can represent me!  But guess what? I think you’ve all failed.  While you are all going about your business, hundreds of thousands of families if not millions are now worrying about how they will make up income lost by furlough or layoff, simply because you did not do your jobs.  I can honestly say that I don’t believe for a minute that if anyone in the legislature were to have a loss of salary without back pay until the budget passed each year, that you’d ever let things go this far.  But given that this is not the case, what motivation have you to do anything but side with your party and take your time?

Somewhere along the way, I think most of you (I won’t say all, but there aren’t many exceptions) lost sight of what matters.  We, the people of the United States of America matter.  Not the Democrats.  Not the Republicans.  Not the Independents.  WE THE PEOPLE.  It seems to me that you are all so consumed by the party lines that you’ve forgotten who got you to where you are, and what your role is as defined by OUR Constitution.

And for these reasons, I want to fire you.  All of you.


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  • A – Fricken – Men. It’s sickening and pathetic!!!

  • You are so right they should be fired

  • You are SOOOOOO Right! We the People – Not We the Government!
    I wish I could give myself a raise for nothing, or a bad job!

  • Amen, Brett! I am so sick of these politicians that can’t see past their party lines (no matter what their party) to work together. NO ONE else in America has the option to do so poorly and not lose their job.

  • You go, girl! The problem, as I see it, is there aren’t enough women in those seats. If congress was filled with women who occasionally work from home or bring their babies to work, we’d see a very different society.

  • I want to fire them too! It’s just awful!

  • Totally agreed. Also, if they weren’t allowed to hold a seat forEVER, then they would be less worried about VOTES and more worried about the job they’re supposed to be doing. As it is, they’re just pandering to their fav crowd for the next election.

  • What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander … thats How it was where I worked…

  • Well said.
    Congress and Senate pissing contests at the expense of the American people. They should be so proud.

    • Seriously.

  • I think they should go without pay until it’s balanced, and they don’t get backpay when it’s done. That’ll settle it fast enough!

    • Exactly!

  • Amen Sista! LOVE this post and TOTALLY agree! I say, at the very least, a major pay cut. Major. Because like you said, if WE did not do our jobs properly, we could get let go. Fired.

  • YOU SAID IT! Spot on, too. I’m sorry you guys are in this position. It truly sucks and I totally agree… they should go without pay until it’s balanced or take a pay cut to cover the furlough so we don’t have to suffer because THEY aren’t doing their jobs.


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