6 Reasons Vacation Rentals Are Better Than Hotels


When my family and I were planning our annual Spring Break trip, I had the chore of choosing where we would be staying. A friend recommended we chose a vacation rental instead of a hotel. Because we always stay in a hotel, I had no idea about what a vacation rental was or how it [...]

Dollar Store DIY: Flower Flip Flops


Are your feet ready for flip flops? If so, head over to the dollar store and snag a pair (or 10). You will be amazed at with a few supplies what exactly you can do to it! Take a peek below at these fun spring flip flops you can make yourself, just in time for [...]

Chex Party Mix Snack Bar


Who doesn't love Chex Party Mix? In our family, it's made a few times a year, especially at the holidays.  So delicious and there's pretty much something in there for everyone...although truth be told, if you are sharing some with me, you'll notice the pretzels vanish pretty quickly.  I can't confirm nor deny that it's [...]

Mom clicks her way to a simpler day


A few weeks ago, I wrote about the clicks that help to get us through our day.  Seatbelts clicking, car seat buckles, doors closing, bells ringing, doors locking, they are all part of our routines, whether we think about them or not. Check out the cool infographic Lysol made compiling some of the clicks that [...]

Saving on prescriptions


I have 3 medications I take every day. Every day,  year round.  Right now, the dog is on 2 medications daily, and two of our kids have inhalers for when they have colds. One might say we frequent the pharmacy.  I try to stay with the same pharmacy for our refills, because I like the [...]

Down and Dirty Tips to Bathe Your Dog at Home


This post brought to you by Sterling. The content and opinions expressed below are that of this mama loves. As nice as it would be to send your dog to the groomers every week, not everyone has the budget for that. As a matter of fact, the average dog owner only sends their dog to [...]

Four Great Gifts for Coffee Drinkers


I like to think I appear as a really put together mom with super powers. I am able to get through carpool in a single lane and I can whip up a dessert for my Daisy troop in the blink of an eye. I can clean a house that looked like a small tornado went [...]

Do You Know When Your Child Needs An Eye Exam?


As a parent, we have so many things we have to think about and remember when it comes to our kids. Sometimes we get so focused on the day to day activities, we do not always remember to follow through on other issues. When we have a healthy child, this is especially true for many [...]

US Soccer surprises Women’s Soccer Team for Mother’s Day

mothers day surprise

*Grab your tissues*  This past weekend, U.S. Soccer gave the U.S. Women's National Team a huge surprise. HUGE.  The team was having a pregame dinner and were told they had special guest speakers to 'mix things up' a bit. Turns out, the guest speaker?  Their moms.  I totally would recommend putting this video into full [...]