Coffee Glazed Coffee Cake


There are few things that I love more than coffee. Therefore, anything that has to do with coffee, or better yet can include coffee is going to be a hit in my kitchen.  This coffee cake is made with a Dark Roast coffee inside the batter and in the icing- a double hit of my [...]

Top Money Saving Tips For Families


When I found out I was expecting my first baby, my husband and I sat down to talk about finances. I worked in an industry with long hours and minimal pay. We added up the costs of child care and work related expenses and deducted them from my take home pay. The end result was [...]

Are You Getting Your Essential Nutrients Every Day? #CentrumVitamints


I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Centrum®. I received compensation for this post. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claims about Centrum® as a product or its effectiveness.   I am a busy mom of 3 kids and now that school has started, I am busier than ever. [...]

Tips that Make for a Happy Baby


We've had babies in our house for a lot of years and know how sensitive their skin can be.  From new baby skin to the dry, chapped skin of sweet chubby cheeks in winter, and from scraped knees of learning to walk to the diaper rash that comes for so many unknown reasons, a baby [...]

Vanilla No Churn Ice Cream


There's a lot to love about ice cream. I mean, it's ice cream. What's not to love?  Creamy, sweet yumminess, covered in shots (yes, shots....not sprinkles or jimmies, shots!). We've been trying our hand at doing some no churn ice cream at home lately, and this vanilla flavor is SUPER simple (and a really good [...]

Join us for the #Flipplaunch #twitterparty 9/24

flipp launch fb image

If there's one thing I love about saving money, it's an app to HELP me save money- with ease and simplicity.  Even better? When they host a fun Twitter party! Come join us Thursday night as we dish on shopping, savings, and all the fun thingsFlipp has in store for us! I love using Flipp to plan my [...]

Ways to Keep Kids Healthy


Back to School season, isn't it fun?  New classrooms, new teachers, new friends, new learning, new supplies, new germs... Um, what now?  Listen, it's a fact.  Leaving home means exposure to other germs.  Germs make friends with other germs.  Kids share those germs like nobody's business and then they share some more. I like to [...]

Changing The Way Our Daughters See Themselves


This post is sponsored by Lunchbox, but all opinions are 100% my own. The world, especially social media is not always kind to women- Dove research shows that 8 out of 10 women come up against negative comments on social media and many that make the comments don't even realize how they are affecting other [...]

Creamy Chicken Enchiladas


I feel like I should sing and dance all day long today. It's fall, y'all!  Happy season of comfort food and casseroles, my friends! All the foods, all the wonderful comfort foods that are too heavy or hot to eat in the summer months are BACK.  Like creamy things.  Enchilada-y things.  Chicken enchiladas, to be [...]

Jello Candy Corn Cups‏


We are gearing up for Halloween already- hard to believe, but we're just over a month away.  That's going to fly by- especially if your family has activities like we do.  Days turn into weeks in the blink of an eye! These Candy Corn Jello Cups are such a fun, festive treat, and pack a [...]