PolkaDot What Leggings for Girls

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polkadot what capris

Both my girls have their own very clear sense of what they want to wear and what goes together.  I can buy them outfits and matchy stuff, but unless I specify, they take what I buy and make it something totally their own.  I don’t mind- actually, I enjoy it. I never had a fashion “sense” and my girls just LOVE finding things to wear together.  More often than not, each of my girls comes down dressed in all kinds of colors, patterns, styles and fabrics.  My little one is particularly fond of tulle skirts, tshirts and fun leggings….with rain boots.  She likes to look fancy and be comfortable all at once.  All of the outfit sets I got for her get worn, just never together.  It’s totally fine with me.  As you can see- she rocks the look!  This outfit below is her own creation.  She took off a purple and white polka dot skirt and bright green socks only moments before.  The funny part is the pinks and purples in her shirt that I so carefully chose with it’s own skirt….they look fabulous with the PolkaDot What leggings!  These leggings are so much fun for the girls to wear, and people comment on them everywhere we go.

polkadot what leggings size 4How much fun is it to be able to choose different colors and/or patterns for your leggings?  With the PolkaDot What line, each length of leggings has it’s own set of design choices-and there are 3 lengths to choose from.  Different colors and styles reflect different personalities- and sometimes, you just feel like being mismatched.  You pick a length, a choice from the left leg column, and a choice from the right leg column.  Voila.  Funky leggings.

polkadot what leggings

What I like about these leggings, aside from the fun and funky aspect, is that they are a nice quality cotton fabric, blended with spandex for a great fit and feel that kids will want to wear again and again.  The inks are water based and not harmful to kids’ skin.  I’m totally in love with these leggings and would like to order more, more and more pairs.

polkadot what girls

When PolkaDot What first asked if I’d like to check out their leggings I laughed to myself thinking that the creator, Zani, surely has met girls exactly like my own- because these leggings are probably the best wardrobe piece they own now.  Zani started PolkaDot What because she wanted to make a difference in children’s lives- and with this brand she’s able to bring happiness, creativity and confidence to kids.


Here are some discount codes just for my readers to get some leggings- US residents get free shipping when they buy 2 pairs or more AND a PolkaDot What mini bag!

PDW-MAMALOVES-10(Stripes: $28.00)
PDW-MAMALOVES-15(Capris: $25.00)
*Codes are valid until April 1, 2013
**Also, for international customers, please note that the 2 pairs or more free shipping offer applies to US customers only. They will still receive our Polkadot What mini bag with two orders or more.




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  • How fun! Your girls look adorable in their new leggings.

  • Aw! The girls are so cute in those leggings. My daughter was the same way about her fashions. SHe never wore the outfits in the combination they were supposed to go.

  • What a cutie! I absolutely L-O-V-E those leggings!

  • Those are so cute! My daughter loves leggings, I’ll have to look into these for her.

  • How cute, your girls are stylin’!

  • So cute and adorable … make them look more cheerful

  • Adorable I have a bright colored diva myself

  • so Cute! I have ALL Boys! I cant put these on them! LOL

  • These are so cute! I love leggings on my little girl, they are the perfect accessory piece. I like how creative this idea is and will check them out. Thanks!

  • These are ADORABLE! My toddler would love some of these. Too cute!!

  • These are so cute.

  • Oh what cute and fun leggings. Love the two colored legs and different polka dots on each leg.

  • Those leggings are adorable. I remember how much I loved them on my girls when they were growing up. I love the colors and the designs on these. Your girls being creative with them is awesome! =)


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