School supply shopping is FUN! #BTSwithTarget

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It is, it really is. My kids actually LOVE going shopping for school supplies. I might still grab myself a supply or two for old time’s sake…. and our fave place for school supply shopping is always Target.  I’m actually not sure my kids are aware other stores may carry school supplies. Target has all that they need, in characters/styles/colors they want, and pricing that works for my wallet.


This year, my littlest one is going to Kindergarten all day.  My son will be in second grade and my oldest, she’ll be in fourth grade.  My kids attend a PreK-8 school and grades 4-6 are in the upstairs of the school.  My oldest  needs a larger sized backpack, to hold the larger amounts of homework and supplies needed for this change. She has been adamant lately that she’s not into pink anymore. Like, at all.  It’s for little girls, mom.  (And as you can see…..)


Naturally, my oldest has decided she’s GROWN UP and hitting the big time and wants big kid themed supplies.  I guess she’s done with the cute and adorable phase. (Or so I thought…)


Apparently, no one’s ever too old for adorable puppies. Sigh. If  only she needed a binder this year!

There are SO many fun new backpacks and lunchboxes out there. We couldn’t stop giggling at the Minion lunchbox from Despicable Me 2!

There’s a matching backpack. In fact, there are many fun backpacks that light up and/or make sounds at Target- for boys, girls, and for all kids!  We may have spent a while in this aisle playing with them. Maybe not.

My littlest isn’t in need of a backpack or a lunchbox this year but she IS happy to be in need of her own crayons, markers, and colored pencils for the first time.  She’s SO excited about starting Kindergarten in a few weeks!





Every little thing is a really big deal.

Where do you go for fun school supplies for your family?

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  • That is exactly where I need to head this weekend! Our bts shopping spot.

  • I like the minions backpack, how cute! Target is a great place to go for back-to-school shopping!

  • We just went to Target the other night for school supplies. I love keeping a few notebooks on hand for myself to make lists on as well.

  • Target is my favorite place to buy school supplies! I love their selection and of course prices!

  • School Supply shopping is such fun. I cannot wait to do it with my daughter.

  • That minion lunchbox is darling! I love back to school shopping too!

  • I love shopping at Target!!! What a bunch of fun supplies for your kids for this school year!!

  • Aww, they’re all so cute. I have one going to half day kinder this year *snif*. I always loved school supply shopping, and the kids do too.

  • Oh my gosh, i love that Minion lunch bag, so fun! I am not a fan of BTS shopping, but I do shop at Target because they have great deals.

  • Target had great deals this year for schi supplies! I love that puppy folder lol

  • HA! I was JUST at Target like 15 minutes ago! And I was drooling over the cute back to school supplies! They are just too cute.

  • I love Target’s matching campaign- buy a supply and then they give a supply. I used to enjoy school supply shopping as well :)

  • I agree with you, it is! I love taking the kids shopping for back to school. This year we also went to Target. They have such a nice selection. We are going back to get some more things this weekend. I hope they have things left.

  • I like Target for back to school for most things because it’s laid out so nicely and organized so well. Your kids are adorable, Brett.

  • We used to shop at Staples for school supplies but for the last several years, I shop at Target. Their prices are amazing and they have way more fun stuff!

  • I love, love, love Target for school supplies. They have some cute stuff and reasonable prices. My kiddo isn’t in school yet, but I love school shopping… for me.


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