Stuck in Love on DVD October 8! #giveaway 5 winners

Don’t miss Academy Award nominee Greg Kinnear, Academy Award Winner Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins and Kristen Bell in STUCK IN LOVE… a film about first loves, second chances and endings that can become new beginnings. STUCK IN LOVE is available at Target tomorrow on Blu-ray and DVD from Millennium Entertainment.

This is a sponsored giveaway post promoting the release of STUCK IN LOVE on DVD October 8, 2013.

I’ve been wanting to see this movie for a while. I’ve had a “thing” for Greg Kinnear- I just really enjoy watching his films- and I’m a sucker for a good love story anyway.  Can’t wait to see this!  This one is rated R, so be sure to save it for when the kids are in bed.


Five readers will each win a DVD copy of Stuck in Love! 



Peppa Pig Toys (Review) #HGG

One of the best perks of my kids watching Peppa Pig is the Brittish accents they carry forward long after the show is over. Seriously, so cute.

My three year old daughter and four year old son have been long-time fans of Peppa Pig – we watch the humorous [and totally relevant] shows on Nick Jr.

We had yet to purchase any of the Peppa Pig toys but ironically just started seeing them in stores while shopping for Holiday presents.  So when I let them open the box  of Hug ‘n Oink Peppa, The Peek n’ Surprise™ Playhouse and the Muddy Puddles and other stories DVD before Christmas they were ecstatic.

peppa pig house folded

The Peek ‘n Surprise™ Playhouse by Fisher-Price is so fun! My kids instantly sat on the floor and played with the figurines (Peppa and her little brother George) and their house for a long, long time!  (and if you have kiddos you can attest, any length of time greater than 2.3 minutes is a success – so 35+ minutes straight without snacks, whining or fighting is…heaven on earth.

peppa pig house

The Peek ‘n Surprise™ Playhouse comes with several pieces of removable furniture; many, like the table, oven, bunk bed and tv come with a ‘flipable’ piece to change the scene.  For example, you can take the bed from messy to tidy or the table from arts and crafts to dinner time with just a flip! Endless scenes and scenarios for lots of imaginative play!

peppa pig house playing

For easy storage and on-the-go fun the Playhouse folds closed and comes with a handle!

Although we loved this feature the one negative is that it’s a little cumbersome to get all the pieces inside, staying put while trying to close the doors. But after a few tries we got it down.

peppa pig doll

The Hug ‘n Oink Peppa by Fisher-Price is a stuffed  toy Peppa pig  with  fun melodies, phrases and even oinks and giggles and sings when she’s squeezed.

My daughter grabbed it right away and didn’t want to let go and I don’t blame her! It’s made of super soft materials with a removable red shirt (which hides the Velcro opening to the battery case – which, by the way, is screwed shut for safety – yay!) and quality details like embroidered eyes, nose and mouth.

These Peppa Pig toys are so great and I know a few other Peppa fans who will love to receive one as a Holiday gift! Different, unique and so fun!
This is a guest review from Hannah over at to the moon and back!  Samples were received but her opinions are her own. 

The Lorax on BluRay DVD now! Free Activity Sheets

 The imaginative world of Dr. Seuss comes to life like never before in this visually spectacular adventure from the creators of Despicable Me! Twelve-year-old Ted will do anything to find a real live Truffula Tree in order to impress the girl of his dreams. As he embarks on his journey, Ted discovers the incredible story of the Lorax, a grumpy but charming creature who speaks for the trees. Featuring the voice talents of Danny DeVito, Ed Helms, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Rob Riggle, Jenny Slate and Betty White, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is filled with hilarious fun for everyone!

lorax blue ray dvd

Our thoughts: They improved on the book, the storyline and theme are not as depressing. The characters were fun and engaging and the animation was fun to look at. A nice change of pace from many current kid movies. The kids loved it.

We did enjoy drawing tutorials at the end of the DVD. They were really cute. We learned to draw the lorax, the bears and the fish. The guy was cute and interactive (he went a little fast so you may have to replay a few times).



Serenade –Two Bar-ba-loots — one love shy and the other suave and confident — battle for the heart of their would-be sweetheart with the help of a colorful cast of characters, including the Humming-Fish and Swomme-Swans.
Two Bar-ba-loots take The Once-ler’s wagon on a ride they won’t soon forget.
Forces of Nature
Determined to scare The Once-ler out of Truffula Valley, The Lorax decides to create the illusion of ominous forces of nature.
MAKING OF THE MINI MOVIES—Go behind the scenes at Illumination Mac Guff to see the joys and challenges of continuing the characters’ stories in the dynamic format of the mini movie.

A fascinating look into the translation of Seuss’ iconic style from book into the big feature film canvas.
A great tutorial on how to draw the Lorax, a Humming-Fish and a Bar-ba-loot in the unique Seuss style.
The player moves left and right to avoid obstacles while attempting to pick up berries with modes for easy, medium and hard.  As difficulty increases, the player will have more obstacles to avoid.
“LET IT GROW” SING ALONG— Karaoke-style sing along to the end credit version of Let It Grow.
While the Once-ler is away peddling his wares, the curious forest creatures have fun with his belongings.  Users can select an item for the creatures to mimic or play with and then watch the adorable antics of all the forest friends.
In this game, the player must help Ted navigate through town on his scooter in order to make it to the Lerkim and meet the Once-ler.  At the end of each level, Ted must solve an obstacle puzzle to advance to the next section. There are three levels and three puzzles to complete to win the game.
O’HARE TV— Watch the Lorax with hilarious commercial interruptions courtesy of O’Hare TV.
Explore and navigate within the Truffula Valley to learn more about how the characters and creatures come to life.

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Keyboard:Entering data is fast and easy with your device’s intuitive keyboard.

The Lorax is available on Blu-Ray Combo Packs and DVD anywhere movies are sold! Grab yours now!


I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions are my own.

The Amazing SpiderMan Prize Pack Giveaway

We hear a lot about Spiderman in our house.  Spiderman, Spidey, Black Spiderman, Peter Parker…it’s a common theme to any conversation with my soon-to-be 5 year old son and his friends (We literally just got home from his best friend’s Spiderman themed birthday party…including a trip to a make your own stuffed animal place…and the boys had Spiderman costumes on their new stuffed friends!)  With The Amazing Spiderman coming to theaters on July 3rd, even *this* mama has gotten a little excited to see the new movie- and I have to say, the toys and products coming out to go along with this movie are awesome.

Spider-Man World Premiere Event BannerWorld Premiere Event: The Amazing Spider-Man™ Never-Before-Seen Footage

Watch a never-before-seen preview of The Amazing Spider-Man™ on June 15th and 16th only! All you have to do is visit your local Walmart to catch 10 minutes of exclusive footage. How’s that for making your friends jealous? It gets better! Take home The Amazing Spider-Man comic for only $2.96! Don’t forget, it’s only at Walmart! Check out the site for what times you can catch the previews.
Spider-Man Wallpapers
Download Spider-Man Wallpaper Patterns

Are you rooting for Spider-Man or the villain, The Lizard? Regardless, you can show your support by sporting one of six Spider-Man wallpapers for your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.
Spider-Man Coloring Pages
Entertain the Kids with Spider-Man Coloring Pages

Looking for a classic source of entertainment? Coloring pages! Have the kids color in their favorite Spider-Man pose! It’s as easy as printing out one (or all) of the 8 different coloring pages. You can even show them the wallpapers for inspiration.
Augmented Reality App
Spider-Man at Walmart

Prep for The Amazing Spider-Man release on July 3, 2012 by getting your Spider-Man shirts, pajamas, and accessories at Walmart. Shop Walmart for your Spider-Man apparel to get everyday low prices!

To celebrate the upcoming film arrival, one lucky reader will win an Amazing Spiderman Prize Pack including: 

  • A $50 Fandango gift certificate for four movie tickets to see The Amazing Spider-Man in theaters on July 3
  • Spider-Man Special Edition DVD
  • Spider-Man 2 Special Edition DVD
  • The Amazing Spider-Man Mega Blaster Web Shooter with Glove toys





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Bubble Guppies First-Ever DVD Plus FREEBIES and a Recipe!

My kids love the Bubble Guppies.  It’s cute, it’s fun, the characters are engaging and it appeals to my 2 year old as much as my 6 year old.  That means the kids can watch, and enjoy, together.  Win, win all around!! This is the first time the Bubble Guppies have had their own DVD, and I was so happy that the Fin-Tastic Fairy Tale made it to DVD.  It’s a super cute episode with the ever-funny Wanda Sykes starring as a mean witch- which entertains the grownups as much as the kiddos!

Bubble Guppies Episode Synopses:

Bubble Puppy’s Fin-Tastic Fairy Tale! (Double-Length Episode)
Once upon a time, Molly and Gil went up a hill to fetch a pail of water. But when a mean Witch, played by Wanda Sykes, turns Bubble Puppy into a frog, Molly and Gil enlist the help of some famous fairytale friends to undo her mean green spell.  They better work fast or else no one in the Enchanted Forest will live happily ever after!

Bubble Puppy
Gil wants to adopt a puppy after seeing one he really likes at the adoption center, but the Bubble Guppies have to learn how to take care of a pet before he can bring it home.

Bubble Bites
Ms. Pinkytoe, a friendly crab, gives Gil a few Bubble Bites to feed to Bubble Puppy.  Bubble Puppy wants more food so the guppies head to the supermarket.  They discover there is one box of Bubble Bites left and both Gil and Ms. Pinkytoe want it, so they must compete in a Bubble Bites biathlon. Will Gil get more Bubble Bites to feed Bubble Puppy? Or will Ms. Pinkytoe get them for her dog, Bud?

Bubble Guppies Fast Facts:
Street Date: May 1, 2012
Catalogue: 823344
DVD SRP: $16.99
DVD Running Time: Approximately 88 minutes
Special Features:
·  “Create Your Own Bubble Guppy” DVD Game
·  2 Karaoke Music Videos
o “Fairytale Pop Song”
o “I’m So Mean” (Wanda Sykes)
·  Juke Box Song Selection

You’ll want to head over to visit the Bubble Guppies online- there are tons of printable crafts, activities, and lots of adorable recipes like the

Spaghetti and Snowball Cupcakes recipe that caught my eye.  Don’t these just look like fun- and delicious!

I received a sample of this product in exchange for my post.  Opinions are my own.


We’ve had McKenna Brooks for several months now, and my daughter is still head over heels (gymnastics reference intentional) for her.   Now that there’s a trailer for McKenna’s movie, there’ll be even more McKenna talk in my house!!  I don’t mind because I love the messages sent throughout her story- being strong, focusing on our own strengths, being a good friend…

Meet McKenna Brooks, a determined and confident young gymnast, in this all-new modern-day adventure. McKenna is on track to make the regional competitive gymnastics team but off-track in school, where she’s suddenly struggling to keep up.  When her teacher suggests a tutor, she’s embarrassed and desperate to keep it a secret from her friends. Then a bad fall at the gym sidetracks her from her favorite sport.  Will she recover in time to make the team? Can she succeed in school, too?  McKenna needs to focus on her strengths to overcome her challenges – and, with the help of family and friends, find a way to believe in herself again.

 Just in time for the Summer Games, this fun family film on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD is available only at Wal-Mart, American Girl® retail stores and  A must-own addition for American Girl® fans, the film can also be purchased via Digital Download through a variety of online retailers. Scheduled to Air on Saturday July 14, 2012 at 8/7c on NBC

POUND PUPPIES: Homeward Pound on DVD now #Giveaway

Pound PuppiesI’m a child of the 80s. Well, the 70s, really, but my earliest memories are from the 80s. One favorite thing I remember was my beloved Pound Puppies!!  I may or may not still have one…

I was excited to hear about the March 6 release of POUND PUPPIES: HOMEWARD POUND. Another way to revisit favorite friends from my childhood and share wholesome television with my kids.   The kids love animal characters, and each of the Pound Puppies are just lovable, relatable characters.  The five episodes are long enough to keep the kids’ attention – but short enough that we can watch just one before bedtime or after lunch.  Sweet stories and endearing characters make this a great DVD to our collection! [click to continue…]

Great deals on Disney DVDs on Amazon

I don’t know about you but I’m STILL working on getting my Disney movie collection on DVD- I had all VHS tapes and we don’t have a VHS player that works anymore!!  Are you looking to add to your collection? Here are four fantastic deals that will save you a ton of money and you don’t even need to clip a single coupon. All of these items ship FREE with your Amazon Prime/Mom Membership or any order that is $25 or more! Purchase 2 movies and you will get free shipping.

Dumbo DVD Edition $13.99 (save 53%)

The Lion King DVD or The Lion King DVD/Blu Ray Combo $18.49 (save 54%)

Name Your Winnie the Pooh (Three-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) – $19.99 (save 54%)

Bambi DVD – $15.99 (save 47%)

Thanks, Coupons are GREAT!!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure (Giveaway)

 Blast  off with Mickey Mouse and pals on a rocketship full of fun in Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment’s newest release of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure, a new, full-length intergalactic adventure that takes the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang – Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Daisy – into outer space on a search for the ultimate space treasure. Packaged with a surprise, never-before-seen “Goofy’s Thinking Cap” episode and fun, glow-in-the-dark space-themed stickers, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure became available for purchase as a 2-Disc (DVD + Digital Copy) Combo Pack 
November 8, 2011. 

I for one look forward to watching the newest DVD with the pals from the Clubhouse- Mickey, Minnie, Donald, “Boofy” (as my 2 year old calls him) and Minnie Mouse- we always enjoy watching Mickey and pals…even when Toodles talks, which THIS mama is having issues adjusting to! [click to continue…]


A new soundtrack and DVD inspired by Disney Junior’s #1 series Jake and the Never Land Pirates, are planned to set sail this September with Walt Disney Records’ album release of eighteen hook-filled songs from the series on September 20 and The Walt Disney Studios “Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Yo Ho, Mateys Away!” DVD release featuring seven episodes from the series on September 27.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates is cable’s #1 series among Boys 2-5 and is on track to be Disney Channel’s #1 preschool series ever. It is the most co-viewed series among all Disney Junior and Nickelodeon series, with 47% of Moms watching with their preschooler. A music-filled interactive treasure hunt, the series introduces a crew of kid pirates – leader Jake and pals Izzy and Cubby – and follows their Never Land adventures as they work to outwit two infamous characters, the one and only Captain Hook and Smee, from Disney’s classic “Peter Pan.” Every episode features the animated Sharky and Bones characters as they pop up throughout to perform original pirate ditties, and each episode concludes with a live action music video featuring The Never Land Pirate Band.

What’s funny to me is that this isn’t just a HOT show for boys 2-5.  I know both my girls ADORE this show, I enjoy it, my friend has an 8 year old son (almost 9) who enjoys it- and the list goes on.  I like it.  I LOVE the music.  I was so excited to hear about the soundtrack coming- and when it arrived in our mailbox it immediately went into the CD player in the van.  We have been singing Yo Ho Matey’s AWAYYYYYYYYYYYY all over town (apologies to anyone in earshot).   I’ve never been so excited to hear if a live tour will come out for a kid show, because I will buy tickets for sure, the day they go on sale.  The music alone for this series is simply awesome and fun!

The album features a variety of songs that kids and parents can enjoy together. Songs include the kooky, comical “Hot Lava,” “Aw Coconuts,” “Pirate Password,” and the arrrghhh-rated “Talk Like a Pirate.” Some songs refer to popular characters in the show, such as “What’s Cookin’ Smee,” “Captain Hook (Is A Cranky Crook),” “Tick Tock Croc” and “Bucky’s Shanty.” Others capture the island spirit of Never Land, such as “Castaway on Pirate Island,” “Shipwreck Shuffle” and “Never Sky,” as well as the “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” theme song. All songs can be heard in episodes of the show.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Yo Ho, Mateys Away!, a DVD packed full with seven episodes from the series and two incredible bonus features including Yo Ho, You Want To Be A Pirate?, where Jake teaches viewers how to talk like a pirate, and Pirate Party With Pirate-oke, a collection of music videos performed by The Never Land Pirate Band that allow viewers to enjoy with or without the sing-along/karaoke-like feature.

My kids love this show so much I kind of waited for them to inform me that we’d be walking the planks on Halloween and be dressed as a pirate family.  I think I secretly was hoping so, because it might be really fun for all of us to dress as a pirate family.  Alas, other costumes won their hearts, but they still adore Jake and the Neverland Pirates and watch it almost daily.  I’m so excited we can watch it anytime now!  (Wait for toys, I hear they will be coming next May to stores!!)

Retailing for the suggested price of $19.99 in the U.S. and $24.99 in Canada, the Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Yo Ho, Mateys Away! DVD also comes packaged with a bonus 7-track CD sampler and a pirate eye patch.
One of my readers will win the Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Yo Ho, Mateys Away! DVD/CD/eye patch set!


I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions are my own.