Upcycled Dog Treat Container for a Canine Valentine

Valentine’s Day is next week (already!) and I’ve got the cards, a little something to surprise everyone in the family already.  I’m feeling like I’m prepared.  But then the kids reminded me that MOM! We always get Tobey a treat for Valentine’s Day! MOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!

And so when Milk-Bone Dog Snacks invited me to be part of their 10 Days of Treats Campaign, I knew what we’d do for our Tobey. We’d make him a special treat container just for his Milk-Bone Biscuits as a fun Valentine’s Day Gift.  Actually, I mentioned it to my daughter, and she immediately had a great idea.  Mom, she said, let’s look in the recycling and see what we can use, and then we can use some Duck Tape! (Really, any excuse to use Duck Tape flies in this house.  It’s so much fun to play around with!)

This post is sponsored by Milk-Bone on behalf of the BlogPaws Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about The Say It with Milk-Bone Campaign, but This Mama Loves only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Milk-Bone is not responsible for the content of this article.

I give you the work of my 8 year old and her Upcycled Dog Treat Container!

tobey dog treat container


So, to make your upcycled treat container, you will want to get the following things:

upcycle dog treat container
1. A container to hold your treats (clean and dry, of course). We grabbed a rice container because my kids are all under 9 years and they can easily hold this container).

2. Duck Tape in your favorite color/pattern/style

3. A Duck-Taper.  This happened to be my 8 1/2 year old, who was the creative brains behind this project.

4. Dog treats (We used Milk-Bone)


Cover container with Duck Tape

diy dog bone container

Fill Container with Treats

upcycled dog treat container

Give treats to your dog.




Once you’ve filled your newly upcycled dog treat container, head to your local store and grab some dog biscuits to fill it!! Easy Valentine’s Day gift for your favorite canine. This Valentine’s Day, when you buy specially marked boxes of Milk-Bone biscuits, you  may just find some LOVE inside the box! If you do find a red bone marked LOVE, visit Milk-Bone on Facebook and your little Valen-Canine will enjoy free dog treats for a year! Plus you’ll be entered to win a lifetime supply of Milk-Bone dog snacks and $5,000!

milk bone biscuits valentines day offer

What are your favorite ways to share your love with your canine Valentine?  (Or any of your Valentines!)

A Puppy Care Kit for Christmas #CBias #ILuvMyK9

Recently I shared with you my shopping trip for supplies for a Puppy Care Kit for my friend S and her little puppy, Penny,  pictured here.  Last week we headed back to Walmart to try to grab some of the Milo’s Kitchen products, and were again disappointed to find they weren’t in our store, but I think what we ended up with for a puppy care kit for this little sweetie will make for a very nice Christmas gift for her and her mama!!

While Penny is still a puppy she’s not a brand-new pup so I was able to get some things that she’ll maybe use before other pups would.  I know she loves purple so we had to be sure to get some purple in her puppy kit!!




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Shopping for Puppy Care Kit Items

A new friend of mine has an adorable little Dalmation puppy.  Today Baby B and I headed to Walmart to check out their selection of puppy treats, toys, neccessities and gift ideas.  We’d attempted this one day last week but the stock was very low at our store so we scrapped the mission and decided to give this a go today.  Given the  holiday season, I anticipated finding some holiday themed goodies, and I wasn’t wrong.  I wanted to create a little puppy care kit for my friend for her pup, and fill it with necessities and frivolities for her little poochie.

I guess because we often make treats for our Tobey that I don’t often check out the aisle where dog treats are- I couldn’t believe how big the variety and selection were!!   Tons of brands, flavors, textures, packaging sizes, and more.  One thing I liked was the range of pricing- you can find treats for very little and gourmet treats for a lot more.  Our local Walmart doesn’t seem to carry Milo’s Kitchen, which I was very disappointed to find, because it was something I specifically was looking to include in my puppy care kit.  Some of the Milk-Bone® Dog Treats boxes had coupons (check your local newspaper the week of December 11 for a money saving coupon on Milk-Bone® Dog Treats!) for $2 off of a Pup-peroni or Milo’s Kitchen purchase but either they were 100% sold out or really just don’t carry this brand!!  I was disappointed, because I wanted to grab some for Tobey’s stocking as well.

The first thing we noticed when we hit the pet department were Angry Birds dog toys.  Now, I know what that is but I’ve never played (and won’t- I know I’ll be hooked right away!!) but I wasn’t sure if my friend does, so we passed on those.  I did snap a photo.  They are fun!!  If you have  an Angry Birds fan in your house, and a pet, definitely worth a look.   [click to continue…]