Shopping for Puppy Care Kit Items

A new friend of mine has an adorable little Dalmation puppy.  Today Baby B and I headed to Walmart to check out their selection of puppy treats, toys, neccessities and gift ideas.  We’d attempted this one day last week but the stock was very low at our store so we scrapped the mission and decided to give this a go today.  Given the  holiday season, I anticipated finding some holiday themed goodies, and I wasn’t wrong.  I wanted to create a little puppy care kit for my friend for her pup, and fill it with necessities and frivolities for her little poochie.

I guess because we often make treats for our Tobey that I don’t often check out the aisle where dog treats are- I couldn’t believe how big the variety and selection were!!   Tons of brands, flavors, textures, packaging sizes, and more.  One thing I liked was the range of pricing- you can find treats for very little and gourmet treats for a lot more.  Our local Walmart doesn’t seem to carry Milo’s Kitchen, which I was very disappointed to find, because it was something I specifically was looking to include in my puppy care kit.  Some of the Milk-Bone® Dog Treats boxes had coupons (check your local newspaper the week of December 11 for a money saving coupon on Milk-Bone® Dog Treats!) for $2 off of a Pup-peroni or Milo’s Kitchen purchase but either they were 100% sold out or really just don’t carry this brand!!  I was disappointed, because I wanted to grab some for Tobey’s stocking as well.

The first thing we noticed when we hit the pet department were Angry Birds dog toys.  Now, I know what that is but I’ve never played (and won’t- I know I’ll be hooked right away!!) but I wasn’t sure if my friend does, so we passed on those.  I did snap a photo.  They are fun!!  If you have  an Angry Birds fan in your house, and a pet, definitely worth a look.  

For treats, I wasn’t sure where to start, so I went with basic Milk Bone treats for Puppy.  Can’t get more basic than that, and can’t go wrong with Milk Bone.  That’s what my mom always got for our dogs over the years, until she started making her own treats.   After that, I decided to get what looked interesting or fun.  I found these to be hilarious and grabbed a box for our dog too.

We headed to the toy department next, or rather, the pet toy aisle.  Baby B became obsessed with a rubber chicken and I just found it way too loud, but she kept trying.  I found this adorable (and natural-made) Hedgehog and decided we were NOT leaving the store without it!!  We found all kinds of toys for all different sizes and breeds of dogs, in a huge range of pricing.  We ultimately decided a pull toy made from rope would be a great way to go- every dog I’ve had in my life has loved a good game of tugging on a rope so why won’t this pup?  Plus its good for them when they are teething so they won’t spend time chewing shoes (hopefully).

I was very tempted to get some doggie “accessories” that are by no means a necessity but tons of fun, but the fact is, I’m not 100% sure if my friend would put her dog in them…no matter how funny.  Dog necklaces, shoes, slippers, sweaters, hats, seasonal attire…I’ve seen these things on dogs and in magazines, and on television/movies but never in Walmart (although I haven’t looked).

Here’s where YOU come in!!

But you see, I’m kind of stuck.  I kind of feel like I should add more to this basket…so I’m not going to show you a finished product, because I simply don’t have one…close, but not quite. Can you help me?  What should I get? Dental care kit?  More toys?  Suggest away, friends.  Please and thank you!!  What I have: a few treats, several kinds of treats, and a few toys.  I want YOUR feedback!!  Your idea may be in my basket!!

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  • please dont feed your new puppy this things....they are so bad....anything made in china or overseas is not wheat glutton, no corn, grain free, no additives, no fillers, no by-products.....also if you have a small dog, please be very careful with the chews, they can break their teeth if they are hard, rule of thumb if you cant make a dent with your fingernail, too hard.....milo's kitchen is bad, iams just had big recall, most of the foods you get in petco/petsmart are not good, too many fillers and additives....also when giving toys, make sure there is nothing attached or on them that the dog can swallow or tear up easily....b/c then you will have a big vet bill.....please also be careful with your heartworm medicines and flea/tick.....dogs can die from these if they are not the proper type. there is a bill in congress now trying to regulate flea/tick meds.....the stuff in most of them are what farmers use on their crops to kill bugs, etc. read marty becker, go to all natural pet site....even cesar milam who i am not that thrilled with....
    • Thanks Sandy!! This is an older pup or I'd be far more concerned. Interesting points you make. I can't find Milo's Kitchen in our store to try it anyway- but I will remember your words!!We usually make treats for Tobey- lets the kids bake and no calories for me to be tempted with.
  • Can't wait to see the finished product! I love adding anything that's snack and dental related.
  • Darn those little drummies look good enough to eat :)
  • I (((LOVE))) the hedgie! They are my furry boy's favorites, at least, until he roots out the squeakers! He is truly a squeaker surgeon. Great post!

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