Joovy Groove #Giveaway 3 winners

joovy groove strollerI am embarking on yet another journey here on This Mama Loves Her Bargains this year- I’ll be sharing the Joovy brand with you, starting with a fun review and giveaway of my own in a few weeks, but in the meantime, Joovy has been working on some really great new products including the Joovy Groove stroller- newly redesigned and super sleek looking, coming in 4 fun, fashionable colors.  This is a ton of stroller for $199.99!

Joovy is giving away THREE of these Groove strollers, and the giveaway is open internationally (wherever they are able to ship via USPS or FedEx)!  To enter this giveaway, simply click on the “read more” and enter via the Rafflecopter form.   [click to continue…] has a lot to offer #LuvCookies #CBias

I have heard of Cookie’s Kids before- but I had no idea what I was missing. I think I’d heard once that it was a site that offered great selection and pricing for school uniforms, and kind of never took the time to explore. I shopped on their site on December 15th, as part of a shopper insights study.

Cookie’s Kids was totally not what I’d expected!! From baby gear to the latest in hot toys, and so much in between, they definitely have lots to offer and should be on parents’ lists for checking when we need to get things for our kids.

There are lots of great name brands on Cookie’s Kids- this isn’t just an off-brand discount site- I saw some fantastic deals on The North Face outerwear items, Levi’s, and more. [click to continue…]

Walmart’s Baby Steps & $100 Walmart Gift Card #Giveaway’s Baby Steps offers a one stop shop for expectant and new parents.  Baby Steps doesn’t just offer a place to buy baby items and gear, although they definitely have a huge range of baby products, but they also have tips and techniques for many ages and stages of baby- both written and in some really entertaining videos!

Baby Steps has 2 main categories for tips and techniques, Changing and Feeding.  Once you select either of those options, you are asked to give the baby’s age (including expectant) and weight.  I was curious to see what the feeding recommendations would be for starting solids and very pleased to see that recommendations are given for developmental readiness and not just a date, which is not a one-size-fits-all response.  Once you click on a “sub” category you are shown several blocks with more information- clicking on that brings a short video up (and it is neither here nor there but all of the adults seem to be moving in s-l-o-w motion in the videos!?) and at the end the tips and techniques are shared.  The folks designing Baby Steps took a lot of time and put a lot of thought into this section of the Walmart site, and I have to applaud that.   [click to continue…]

Diono Radian RXT Carseat $339 ARV #Giveaway

Having safe car seats for our children is something that is extremely crucial to both my husband and myself.  We’ve spent hours researching different seats, different brands, etc.  I’ve always heard such great things about the Radian line of carseats, and have recommended them to others based upon dozens of friends’ experiences, but hadn’t tried them until now.  The Radian RXT seat from Diono is really a buy-once-use-forever kind of seat.  Made to work from 5 lbs to 120 lbs (no that is not a typo!!), and a slender physique to accomodate 3 seats across in most vehicles, these seats are workhorses.

I’ve never assembled a seat before.  I mean, there wasn’t a lot to the assembly (at all) and it took under thirty seconds.  But the seat does come folded up (these are also great for travel) so it’s nice to see how it should look (I’m visual) and like I said, set up is super simple.  Pop the seat down and click it into place and you are ready to start the adjustment of straps based on your child’s height and size and then install.

The weight range of this seat for REAR facing is 5-45 lbs.  That’s awesome.  The recommended ages for rear facing are at least 20 lbs and 2 years of age.  There is a separate base component for the rear facing installation that comes with the seat and has very thorough instructions in the manual for use. [click to continue…]

Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen (Giveaway)

The Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen is a whole lot of sweetness in a compact package. With the smaller profile of this kitchen, it can easily be slipped into any sized room for hours of pretend play. The muted colors suit our living room far better than our former play kitchen (which now lives in the church nursery) and the kids have had a blast preparing cupcakes and tea parties galore. This toy was seeing a lot of play time before the big storm last week but with zero power and no school for a week, the kids were really getting a lot of serious play time in, and I can’t even tell you how many tea party picnics they had with their baby dolls (yes, even my son) in the living room enjoying some of the treats made in the Cupcake Kitchen. (My batteries were dead, no photos. Sad. Very sad).

This kitchen does not take a long time to assemble. An 18 volt power drill made fast work of the screws that do need to be put in but I think you could do it without a drill – it might take longer. I had the entire thing assembled with stickers in under half an hour. (This is something that I want to know when I think about toy purchasing that requires assembly, so I’m sharing with you). [click to continue…]

Moon Dough Ocean Pals (Giveaway US & Canada)

Moon Dough Ocean Pals are cute, fun, and, to my (pleasant) surprise, not super messy.  Moon Dough has a reputation for being tons of fun and also…tons of mess.  That typically means that it is an outside toy for us, played with on rainy summer days on the screen porch…although with the new formula for the Moon Dough, I can actually enjoy playing WITH the kids inside…because its not as messy anymore!!  The dough still looks like a marshmallow but isn’t quite so dry and crumbly, you can shape it much easier and it holds shape much easier than previously.  Big hit in this house, especially the Ocean Pals- we love aquatic everything around here!  Little hands learn and master fine motor skills playing with all different kinds of textures and materials, like Moon Dough, and with shapes so fun and colors so bright who wouldn’t want to play with these? [click to continue…]

Tom Arma Costumes (and you could win one too!)

I have heard of Tom Arma‘s gorgeous costumes for infants, toddlers and children for years – even before I was a mom, I believe.  As you can see on the left here, the costumes are seriously stunning in color, in construction and detail, and the cute factor?  Oh goodness.  This is clearly a biased opinion here but is this NOT the cutest Monarch Butterfly you have ever see?

We also got to try the White Tiger and Monkey- or rather, Jenni’s younger boys got to try them.   Although Jen and I both love taking photos, getting one shot of all three of these cuties together just wasn’t happening for us!!  [click to continue…]

Learning Resources Snap-n-Learn Shape Butterflies (Giveaway)

My little one is always wanting to play with her older brother and sister’s building toys and manipulatives.  The problem is that her hands are too little and her fine motor skills are not ready for her to successfully use their toys and games as they do- and she gets frustrated.  I looked  to find an age appropriate toy that will make her feel like a “big kid” that will offer her a developmentally appropriate way to develop the skills she wants so badly to master as her siblings have.  The Snap n Learn Shape Butterflies from Learning Resources do exactly that!

Cute, chunky shapes are easy for little hands to grasp.

  • Helps children practice shape recognition (circle, star, heart, square, triangle), colors and fine motor skills as they match up the shapes and snap on the wings
  • Includes five 3-piece butterflies (heads, wings, bodies) measuring 3.75″L x 2.75″H when complete
  • Stores in handy bucket
  • Ages 2+

These shapes are actually a lot of fun for even my 4 year old – and with the convenient container with a built in handle, easy to keep the pieces together, lots of fun for little ones for fine motor skills and imaginative play!  They are the perfect size for little hands and parents can rest easy that the materials are quality and non toxic. 

One of my readers will win a set of the Snap-n-Learn Shape Butterflies

I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions are my own.

Boumy Soft Leather Shoes for your littlest ones

Boumy Shoes, made in Hollandsent Baby B a pair of their Flower Power Pink shoes to try out.  I’m a huge fan of soft soled shoes at least until children turn 2 although honestly, my kids have worn them through the winter when 3 because they tuck nicely into my bag, keep the kids’ socks on and therefore, their feet warmer.  Being washable, soft soled shoes can also be cleaned regularly and disinfected after playing at a place like the mall playground…

These shoes are not only adorable, but they are well designed and very practical.  Ok the flowers on them may not be practical, but why does practical have to be boring?  The elastic around the ankle offers room for little ones to move in all different directions without having restricted movement, and the soft sole means they are not stuck with cumbersome rigid soles.  Feet are protected while having the space to move and grow- it’s been my experience in 6 years as a mom that these shoes last a lot longer than single-sized shoes because they fit a range not a specific size.  It doesn’t matter if the Boumy shoes run a bit big on your little one- and they will get lots and lots of use out of them before they move to a new size.  [click to continue…]

Slick Sand from change the way you play with sand! sent us some of their Slick Sand. Instant hit to say the least. We are always looking for new things to put into our “water table” which really functions more as a sensory table- we’ve done all kinds of different activities in it- right now, its up on our screen porch filled with mini diggers, shovels, sand rakes and sifters, and Slick Sand.

What’s so cool about Slick Sand? Well, it doesn’t get wet. When you pour water with it, the water sits atop the sand, and doesn’t soak it. So when you want to make a ‘river’ and you pour water into a ‘road’ of sand…the water sits atop. Its really cool and just a whole new spin on sand play. I like it too because you can sweep it up, pop it into its bucket, and save it for another day when you decide to change things up. [click to continue…]