10 reasons to visit Boston Patriots Weekend

Patriots weekend is an excellent time to make a trip to Boston and see all of the history and culture that is waiting for you. Boston boasts such a great deal of beauty, history, ceremonies, and sporting events that can make even a weekend getaway feel like a full vacation. If you are ready to start planning your trip, take a look below at 10 reasons to visit Boston on Patriots weekend so you can be sure you don’t miss a thing.


10 Reasons to Visit Boston Patriots Weekend

1. Fenway Park

Head over to Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox (Go Sox!), and take in a game or marvel at the facilities themselves. Enjoy a one hour walking tour guided by a professional tour guide who can answer any questions you may have.  Seeing the Green Monster is a must! There’s always a game on Patriots Monday morning.

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2. The Freedom Trail

freedom-trail-tour-guide-michael Learn about the brave people who made our nation what it is when you take a tour on The Freedom Trail. Visit 16 significant sights including churches and burial ground where the history of our country all took place. A tour on The Freedom Trail is like watching the American Revolution unfold! No two Freedom Trail experiences are ever the same- the guides all have a rich understanding of our history and much of what they share may surprise you- because, as it turns out, many things we all *know* about the American Revolution aren’t as they seem.

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3. The Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is a Boston favorite and known all over the country for being one of the most popular marathons to date. Gather with thousands and cheer on the runners and enjoy the other outdoor festivities that go along with the marathon. It’s a pretty exciting experience to watch!

4. The Lantern Ceremony

old-north-church-lantern-ceremony The yearly Lantern Ceremony takes place at the Old North Church in Boston, and includes a keynote speaker, the Color Guard, The Fife and Drums Corp., and a recital of Paul Revere’s account of his historic ride. We’ve all heard “One if by land, two if by sea…” This is a pretty amazing ceremony- one that I will be sharing a separate post on.  The event concludes with the lighting of the lanterns. This event is a must see for history buffs!  candles-old-north-church

5. Old North Church

freedom-trail-tour-guide-michael Old North Church isn’t just the location of the Lantern Ceremony, but it is a place where so much history has come to pass. Built in 1723, it is the oldest church in Boston and a National Historic Landmark. It contains a bust of George Washington (who happens to be my !!) that is said to be one of the finest crafted busts of the president ever seen. Enjoy a visit to the church and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. You can enjoy worship on Sunday mornings at Old North Church, but the campus also offers a great deal more to see and explore.

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Visit Captain Jackson’s Historical Chocolate Shop, where you will often find demonstrations going on to see how our ancestors enjoyed their chocolate (hint: American Heritage Chocolate answers that for us), pick up some souvenirs at the Gift Shop, or visit the Printing Office of Edes & Gill and see just what it took to get news printed back in the day!

6. Lexington Green

Enjoy re-enactments of famous battles when you visit Lexington Green. Lexington Green also offers other observances, and even a police escort that traces the ride of Paul Revere. Stroll the grounds and let history soak in, or enjoy one of the planned functions.

7. Lexington Historical Society

The Lexington History Society is a must stop to see everything there is to know about Patriots Weekend. This is a great place to find paper materials and information, speak to professional historians and uncover some of the facts about Boston. While you are there you can browse the shops and snag a souvenir for yourself.

8. Minute Man Historical Park

Enjoy the beautiful scenery and bridges in Minute Man Historical Park, take in a re-enactment or one of the many observation activities happening on the grounds. Admission to these events is typically free, making it a great option for the budget savvy traveler.

9. Swan Boats

Are you ready to get on the water? Get out and enjoy the great outdoors when you give the Swan Boats of Boston Public Gardens a try. These swan boats gently drift on the waters treating riders to a simple, 15 minute cruise.

10. The Alarm at the Old Belfry

See the alarm that was used to warn others that the British were coming. It was what the Minute Men first heard as an alert, and you can hear it yourself. You can find the alarm at Mass Ave and Clarke Street, by Battle Green.


Are you ready to explore Boston? Give these must see stops a try and feel history come to life right before your eyes.



Thanks again to Old North Church Foundation and American Heritage Chocolate for having us up to experience the fun of Patriots Weekend!

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  • There's so much history in Boston! I'd love to make a trip there to spend a few days with family.
  • We're thinking about going to Boston sometime this Summer. We will have to check out some of these places.
  • Boston has always been on my wish list of places to visit. I would love to do The Freedom Trail.
  • I've heard so many good things about Boston, but never have a chance to visit the place. It so much fun things to do.
  • Ohh I think I'd love Freedom Trail and the Lantern Ceremony! Not sure about the whole parts about baseball, but I'm not really a sports fan. Still looks like a fun weekend anyway!~ Lots of things to do.
  • You gave me enough reasons... now I want to visit! :D I love posts like these, they always tempt me.
  • I haven't been to BOston but I would reakly love to after seeing this post. There are so much they can offer for my family to enjoy!
  • I have been dying to visit Boston!!! My friend might be moving there for work...I would love to visit her!
  • I would love to visit all of those attractions! I'm from Eastern Canada but I really enjoy learning about American history as well so this would be really interesting! I love the architecture there as well!
  • I love guided tours because I have many questions that come to mind whenever we see different interesting things in a location. Does the guided tour have a cost though?
  • This looks like a ton of fun, I totally agree on these 10 reasons. Boston looks like they really celebrate Patriots Day in a very fun way, would love to be there!
  • It's actually just called Patriots Day, not patriots weekend. There are no celebrations that day, but it is marathon Monday and you can't get near the city that day.
    • Actually, Robin- it is- there's a whole hashtag. It's not just the marathon. I was up there for the whole weekend and was at many of the events.

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