15 Creative Ways to Use Old Socks

How many times have you folded you clothes and found that a sock is missing? We always joke that the sock monster ate them again. What really happens to these missing socks no one will ever know but since you now have one sock that doesn’t match anything you might as well find some ways to use old socks before dumping them into the trash or worse yet…..saving them in a box that clutters up your living space!!

Kids have a tendency to love wearing a pair of mismatched socks but on adults it really doesn’t go over well so finding ways to re-purpose them is probably a good idea! Here are a few creative ways to use old socks to get you going…

15 creative ways to use old socks

  • Socks make great dusting partners! Throw a sock onto you hand and spray with your favorite dusting polish and go to town. You will find that it is much easier to wipe down all you furniture with a sock on your hand and it works great for getting into the nooks and crannies. It makes it really easy to dust those pesky mini-blinds that cause us so much grief! You can even enlist a little help from your kids although you may want to skip the polish on their’s.
  • Instead of buying new Swiffer pads take a 2 large socks and place them on both ends of the Swiffer and dust your floors normally. It will save you loads of money and you can just throw it in the wash to clean and re-use. Just think if the sock monster steals one of the mismatched sock it wont’ matter!!
  • Use as an overnight hand moisturizer for a sever case of dray skin. Rub a hefty amount of Vaseline on your hands and put socks on your hands to hold in the moisture and save your bed sheets from getting all greasy! Can’t stand the thought of wearing socks on your hands all night? Tray leaving on for an hour or so while you are watching your favorite show.
  • Use old socks to make a homemade dish rag. Cut the end off of the toe of the sock and cut all the way up one side and use for scrubbing dishes or cleaning up greasy messes that you don’t want to stain your nice dish cloths.
  • Make a homemade Christmas stocking by taking an old sock and coloring on it with marker. This is a great project for kids to make a present for mom and dad! You can also have them glue on cute buttons or small balls for added decoration.
  • Save old soap slivers and throw into the bottom of an old sock. Once you have a good amount in there tie a knot in the end and use as a wash cloth while bathing. This works really well for the kiddos who tend to have a hard time holding onto the slippery soap.
  • Use them to protect fragile items when moving or shipping something in the mail.
  • Slip a pair of socks over your tennis shoes when painting to keep them safe from unwanted splatters
  • Old socks work very well to use as mittens for children in the winter. Double and triple layer them for added warmth. Keep plenty of spares so you can change them out when they become wet.
  • Make a really cute and easy pet toy. Take an old tube sock and tie a knot in the center of it for a chew toy for you dog or take a baby sock and add some catnip inside and tie a knot in the end for your favorite feline!
  • Place rice into an old sock and tie or sew the end shut for an great re-usable heat pack. Heat in microwave for 20-30 seconds depending on how hot you want it. It can easily be used around your neck or on any part of the body conforming to the shape it needs to be in. This is great for reducing pain from sore muscles, back pain or sinus issues.
  • Old socks work great for keeping water and soda bottles cool. Just slip it on from the bottom. If you have a problem with it slipping down the bottle just place a rubber band near the top to keep it from slipping down. Using different color socks can help children know which water is their’s.
  • Make sock puppets!! Everyone loves to play with a good old fashioned sock puppet! You can keep it simple and just draw a face on with markers or you can go all out and add on yarn or a cool fabric for the hair, googly eyes and a button nose!! Make sure you pull out the coffee table and throw a blanket on top and have your kids go behind it and put on a puppet show for you.
  • Use in the garden to tie up small trees or plants.
  • Use to hold small objects such as marbles, jacks, screws…. basically anything that is small and needs to be contained to keep from getting lost or rolling around on your floors. I often throw spare change into socks and label them with a permanent marker with the item I am saving for. This is a great idea for the kiddos!

Do you have any great ways to use old socks that have worked well at your house?


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  • Fabulous! I confess that I have more than one box of mismatched socks. Every so often I go through them and do manage to pair some up, but I don't hold out hope for most of them. I love your ideas to make use of these otherwise useless socks. We'll be moving in a few months, and it never occurred to me that I could use the socks to cover glasses and other fragile items. And my mini-blinds do need dusting, now that you mention it... Thanks so much!
  • I have thrown away SO MANY socks over the years. Great ways here to repurpose them!
  • Sock buns are the best hair accessory ever! I also make cat balls: pinch the toes, twist, fold sock over, twist, fold over and perfect soft ball.
  • Sock buns are the best hair accessory ever! I also make cat balls: pinch the toes, twist, fold sock over, twist, fold over and perfect soft ball.
  • Love the sock puppet idea and picture. I have a bunch of old socks that have a hole or two in them but I didn't want to just throw them out. Maybe I will use them on my hand held Swiffer. Thanks for the great ideas.

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