Pretty Little Liars Season Premiere 1/2!

The new season of Pretty Little Liars is just around the corner! Tune in Winter Premiere Jan 2, Mondaysat 8/7c on ABC Family! Can we expect the girls to be up to all of their same old tricks in the New Year? I’d be disappointed if they weren’t. In fact, I’d say they’ll be up to their same old tricks and likely some new ones, given that they have A’s cell phone in hand. I think the secrets are going to multiply and we’ll be on the edge of our seats through the whole season!
Will we ever see Dr. Sullivan again, and what was in the envelope that “A” handed to her? We’ll find out soon(ish!) when the premiere airs next week- and I am certain we’ll be taunted and teased through every episode of this season to find out more answers!! The spoilers I’m seeing everywhere are promising a LOT of excitement….will the envelope contents be part of this?  My guess is yes! I think that the envelope has a clue in it, but a clue that can be interpreted multiple ways, to throw us all off track.  

“Missed some of the nail-biting suspense from last season? Make sure to get all caught up here:″

“I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘Pretty Little Liars.'”

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  • my mom and i were probably the last ones to see season 1 lol. we couldn't turn it off!!!! we haven't seen season 2 yet because we don't want to spend $50+ on it ;/... so i'll have to mute my friends if they start trying to spoil it for me lol. this is like one of the best shows created.
  • I love it! :))

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