5 Great Plants for Fairy Gardens

5 Great Plants for Fairy Gardens

 5 Great Plants for Fairy Gardens

Planning a Fairy Garden can be a lot of fun! There are so many great accessories from cute little cottages and houses to working ponds and teeny tiny veggie gardens. You can even have wire or wooden furniture for your fairies to relax in after a tough day of bossing those gnomes around! With any good Fairy Garden, you need to have plants that work best in these miniature gardens. Here are five great plants for fairy gardens.


  1. Irish Moss is a great cover for hills or little mountains you want to build. It has soft white blooms and spreads quickly. It doesn’t bloom well in extreme heat but the green moss still is quite beautiful.


  1. Lemon Thyme is a pretty trailing plant that has little pink or white blooms. The scent when the fairies brush against it is quite lovely. The fairies also love to put a little into their cooking every now and then too!


  1. Miniature Roses are a beautiful compact blooming plant that comes in a myriad of colors. These roses don’t need a lot of room to grow but do love full sun and a good compost thrown on top of them every month or so.


  1. Onion Chives are nice to plant if you want a spiky mound with colorful pink blooms. They can be harvested by the fairies


  1. Strawberries bring all the fairies to the yard. Not only do they bloom all summer long with beautiful white flowers, but your fairies will love snacking on them on a hot summer day!


When choosing plants for your fairy garden pick ones that are easy for your fairies to take care of. Small, compact plants do best and there are so many to choose from that fit quite well in your miniature fairy garden!


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  • I am totally fascinated with fairies. I can hardly wait to start helping them move in:)
  • Pintrest I have been wanting a collection of "fairey plants" as all of my fairies love gardening. Thank you!

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