5 Tips for Safer Browsing

This is a sponsored post sharing 5 tips for safer browsing.

Browsing online is fun, but also has some risks. Lowering your risk of spam, viruses, and hacking can be done in just a few simple steps. Leave your own tips in the comments!


1. Creating a password should take a little brain power. Don’t use your child’s name, your birthday, or even your dog’s name. Use a combination of letters and numbers – and if the site allows, special characters (@#($*^@#) as well. Do not use the same password for multiple accounts. Yes, having a different password for each account is a huge pain in the tush! But a bigger pain will come if your credit card is used – or your identity is stolen.

2. Ditch your old browser (*cough* Internet Explorer), and upgrade to Google Chrome or Firefox. These browsers are more secure and much more user-friendly!

3. Invest in Anti-Virus software. While there are legitimate free antivirus programs available online, you should beware of fake sites that actually <i>carry</i> viruses and trick you into downloading their program when you really think it’s an antivirus.

4. Be smart while using email – or anything online, really. Never enter personal information such as your social security number in an email or online form (unless it’s a secure site that you trust). Don’t click on links – even from friends – unless you know where they’re taking you. Never download attachments unless you scan them with your Anti-Virus program first.

5. Never access sites like Paypal or your bank account while using public wi-fi, even if it says it’s secure. It’s too easy for others to get your information this way. Wait until you’re on your home internet to access financial sites like these.


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  • Good advice. Especially the part about not using your child's name for a password.
  • I'm no good at lowering my risk of viruses and that kind of thing... I'm always getting hit!

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