>A purple tiara, a mock wedding, and salsa. They all 3 go together.

>So today, my kids had a mock wedding.  They carefully arranged several hundred (ok maybe 10 but it sure seemed like 100) cars, trucks, stuffed animals, Barbies, My Little Pony dolls and more all around the living room.  Mr. Bargains and I were invited to the mock wedding, although we were instructed we were NOT to sit on the couch.  I was presented with a purple tiara and told I wasn’t allowed to wear gloves (I’d been deveining shrimp when this last-minute invite came, and didn’t have time to remove my gloves).  When I pointed out that Baby B had no pants on (diaper and babylegs) I was informed they would *consider* letting me wear gloves if they could have a cookie before dinner.  HMPH.

I decided I enjoyed feeling like a Queen so I rocked that purple tiara all night long- through bedtime, laundry, and canning a batch of salsa. (I even tweeted through the Blogmania Twitter party in my ‘jamas and tiara!!)   I only just now removed it since I’m headed to bed and don’t want to ruin my only proof of royalty, lest anyone wake up tomorrow and *not* think I am worthy of a tiara.

I think I may wear my purple tiara when I do all of my mundane and messy chores and projects from now on.

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  • >Your majesty the tiara is the most important accessory this year for all royalty of the female persuasion, so you rock on and wear it as much as you like and proudly too, you earned it and who better to bestow it upon you but those who will one day inherit the title of Bargain Royalty.
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