>Hasbro Card Games Review- and Deal!!

>We got to check out 3 of the new card games from Hasbro.

#1 Yahtzee Hands Down

Yahtzee has always, ALWAYS been one of my very favorite games.  I was so excited when the cute Yahtzee Jr games came out so I could play with my kids!!  
This is basically Yahtzee as we all know it, but with cards instead of dice.  There’s just a few extra twists and no noisy dice!!  (This may not be important to everyone but when you have a house with all hardwood floors and children who don’t sleep well, quiet games are a blessing!!) 
There’s a paper with scoring combos on it that is NOT attached to the instructions- great detail in my opinion!  My husband’s favorite thing about this game is that you can be really competitive and pit your hands against your opponent.  He’s always competitive.  
Yahtzee sells for under $9.99 (I think it really is more like $7.99 or less** but I saw it in a few sites for $9.99 so I’m including that).  This is a great game to keep in the car, toss in your purse/backpack, bring on an airplane, on vacation, to sleepovers, etc.  Its for ages 8+ but I think some younger kids  could definitely get into it with a little guidance at the beginning.  Its fairly quick in pace( maybe 10-15 minutes per game) , and 2-4 players can play at once.  
The best thing?  Its good, (sort of) old-fashioned family fun!  Yay for family game time!!
#2 Sorry Revenge
Sorry is a game I never had as a child, but always wanted.  I’ve played it enough to know its fun.  With my husband and his family loving competition I think they’d LOVE to play this at a family gathering!  
Again, this game is basically the game of Sorry! we all have played over the years- only with cards instead of a board, a box, and pawns.  (Plus the mess and the noise).  Its great fun.  Like with Yahtzee, this is such a great game to keep in the car, or a bag, or bring on a trip.  
Sorry! Revenge is recommended for ages 6+ and I think that age is fairly spot-on.  My 5 year old can understand a lot and this is a bit over her head.  I think in 6 months she can maybe get it a lot better but we’ll see.  This, again, is a quicker game time- 10-15 minutes, and 2-4 people can play.  You’ll find it where most games are sold, again around $9.99 or less (really I think it’ll be $7.99 or less!**)

The best thing?  Its good, (sort of) old-fashioned family fun!  Yay for family game time!!

#3 Mille Bornes

I saved this one for last.  Not because its my favorite, but because this one brings back eleventy million memories.  I won’t go into it here but you can see my post from earlier tonight about childhood memories of mine, and why Family Game Night is important to me.  
I remember going to my parents’ friends house by the CT shore growing up and playing Mille Bornes by the hour.  (We had a rainy few days).  ALL of us played.  I was the youngest, and was maybe 6 or 7, going up to almost 50 years old?  We all had a blast!!  The last time I went to my parents’ lake house I actually tucked our family’s very-well-loved Mille Bornes box into my bag, and it’s downstairs in the basement waiting for my kids to be old enough to play.  (I couldn’t bear to leave it for a stranger to use).  
With the Mille Bornes game, as with the other Hasbro card games, its just like the original- only easier to bring places, and a lot less pieces to keep track of!!  This one comes with a scoresheet, which makes someone in my house very happy to keep track of wins (and losses although that same someone doesn’t ever seem to admit to losing…I won’t name names).  This one, you can play with 2, 3, 4 or 6 players (in my experience, more is WAY more fun in this game, although its still fun with 2).  This one takes a bit longer, maybe 30-35 minutes (the box said 25 but we’re slow so that’d be about right).  Ages 8+ but I think ages 6+ would be fine for this one!! 
Mille Bornes can be found where most games are sold, again around $9.99 or less (really I think it’ll be $7.99 or less!**) 
The best thing?  Its good, (sort of) old-fashioned family fun!  Yay for family game time!!

NOW, you may have noticed some ** above.  If you live in an area where there is Stop & Shop supermarket chain, you are going to LOVE this deal:

This week ALL Hasbro card games are Buy One Get One Free at Shop & Shop!!  That’s not a bad deal, especially with the holidays around the corner (Think: Stocking Stuffers!!  Family Gifts!!)

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Thanks to HunterPR and Hasbro for sharing these games to facilitate my review.  All opinions expressed within are, as always, my own.  (And thanks to them for my walk down memory lane with these awesome games!)

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  • >My kids are game addicts! Thanks for the great review!
  • >Stop and shop is my grocery but I have not seen any games. Gotta look next time I go!here from Pitchit.madamerkf at aol dot com
  • >I have the game Mille Bornes mine is about 25 years old
  • >I never really understood yahtzee. I think I'm just an uno kinda girl. LOL
  • >my family always loved yahtzee too! I love these little games, can't wait to my boys are old enough
  • >These would be great fro the winter months.. I am glad that you and your family are enjoying it . I think mine would too :)
  • >Wow! These are some great games for family nights. I havent played games like this in a long time...
  • >Dude, I totally thought I already commented on this. Ooof.So Mille Bornes is like one of my favorite game EVER. Hubby loves it a lot, too. It will for sure be a family favorite once the kids are old enough.

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