Superman Bacon and Eggs (and more!)

One of the best ways to build a bond, before they are old enough for sports and hobbies, for dads and sons is to create a bond and theme that they can enjoy together.  The theme can last throughout their lifetime and create even more bonding activities like riding rollercoasters and even going to the movies.  They’ll love remembering when they started their first bond and every time they go do something with the same theme they’ll re-fall in love with it and grow closer together.  One possible theme you can use is Superman and you can start it well before they are old enough for sports or amusement parks.


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The first thing to do when everyone is waking up is to replace is to replace their old favorite pajamas with Superman ones and even possibly have kids robes with Superman theme on it.  The nice thing about is it that there are matching sets for both your son and Father.

Waking up and having your little one discover his Dad has the same robe or a matching Superman pajama set to his Superman pajamas is the perfect way to start the day.  The next step is to make a super breakfast full of proteins and carbs to help energize them for a day of super fun.


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Making Superman bacon and eggs. 

To make a set of Superman bacon and eggs you’ll need 1 pound of bacon and 6 eggs.  Take the bacon and either cook it in the microwave or place it on a pan and make sure you get straight crisp strips.  Take the bacon strips out of the pan and now cook your eggs.  The easy and quick solution is to scramble them.  The trickier way is to go sunnyside up (but eating raw or undercooked foods can be dangerous).  Now lay the eggs down on the plate in the shape of a diamond.  Outline the diamond or place the bacon in the shape of the diamond over the top.  Now fill in the rest of the space if you are using scrambled eggs and break the yolks so the yellow fills in the inside of the holes in the diamond.  Now take rest of the bacon and break it into pieces and create an S to complete the emblem.  If you like Ketchup or Hot Sauce, you could also outline the red bacon with it.

Now that the food is ready, quickly clean up the kitchen and get ready to enjoy it while watching your favorite episodes of Superman.

Superman videos become reality. 

Before your big day of super heroism, have Dad watch a couple of episodes of Superman with your son.  Find ones where Superman has to run, jump and swim or perform specific tasks.  The two of them can then enjoy watching these episodes together while finishing their superman breakfasts and once the shows over get ready for some exercise.

Because dad knew which videos you were going to watch, he now has two or three obstacles and courses set up around the yard that relate to the episodes.  Here are three super hero styled games and activities that are easy to do, fun for both of them and something that can help further their bond.

Waterballoons and Kryptonite.

The first thing to do is to have Dad be Lex and the son be Superman.  The two of them will play water balloon tag and your son will have red balloons and dad will have kryptonite grenade balloons.  The two of them will hide, Superman gets an extra 1 minute head start to plant balloons across the yard and find a perfect space.  Dad will then have 30 seconds to do the same once Superman is finished.  Over the next 30 minutes to one hour, Dad has to get Superman with 5 green balloons.  Superman needs to get Lex with 3.  Whenever time runs out, the person closest to their target number wins.  If one person successfully gets their number, then they win the game and it is now over.  One other option if you think water balloons are too dangerous is to use sponge balls and cover them in machine washable colored water or even just plain water.  This does create a huge mess and everyone will need extra protection like safety googles and something to protect their mouths so nothing get eaten like a hockey mask with a plastic shield and no balloon pieces get in their eyes.  You can also more accurately measure the hits if the water is colored and who wins.

Target practice. 

The two of them are going to be worn out from running and hiding for the last hour so now they need some come down time.  The two of them can go inside and watch some more tv while Mom goes out into the yard and sets up the next game.  Lay down an old blanket or sheet and have a very large cardboard box behind it against a wall.  Now, take about 20 printouts of Lex, 20 Supermen and 20 Cilivilians.  Hang 15 of each randomly throughout the wall and make your superhero and villain stand about 20 or 30 feet away.  They each get 10 throws and have to hit their main target.  They get 1 point for hitting their goal and then Mom will have random printouts on cardboard so they stay forward with 5 lexs, 5 supermans and 5 civilians.  She’ll throw three randomly 5 times during the game and if they hit a civilian, they lose 5 points, hit themselves, they lose 3 and hit their target they win 5.  Hitting your target means you miss a throw at a static board, but it could also mean winning the game.  The way to measure this is to soak the foam balls in a colored water and the water should leave a stain on the image.  That is also why you don’t want to use a new sheet or something when protecting your grass or pavement.

Making dessert. 

This is the easiest one of the day.  Take sugar cookies and buy a diamond shaped, a bat shaped and a circle shaped cookie cutter.  Cut out the shapes and have Dad and Superman cut out the cookies and then decorate them with black and yellow sprinkles for Batman, Red, Yellow and Blue food frosting for Superman and green food coloring and candy pearls for the Green Lantern or any other heroes they love.  Now let them settle so the frosting can set and after dinner when they get ready to watch anything from a new Superman movie to the old cartoons that have a million characters, Mom can come in wearing a Wonder Woman robe and everyone can enjoy the cookies for dessert.

Creating an entire day of Superman themed activities from sports and agility to learning practical skills like cooking, and even helping to open their minds with art by decorating cookies is an excellent way for some Dads, Moms and sons to be able to bond.  If you are from a split family, Mom can be one of the female villains and also be Super girl.  If you have a daughter instead of a son and still want to try this, you could always do Supergirl for the daughter and Superman for the Dad.  There are a ton of ways to mix and combine them to make it work for your family.  You could also take turns throwing the random cards with the second game.  Regardless of how you do it, it could create a bond around a theme that will help to solidify your relationship and make things like the Superman Rollercoaster at a popular theme park become something you have to ride instead of something cool to look at.  It’ll give you things to collect together and whenever a new movie comes out, you’ll always have someone to see it with and enjoy talking about it with after.


Thanks to Adam from Crazy4Bargains for sharing this SUPER guest post!

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  • This is soooo Neat! My girls will Love this! They love superheros, making fun things and eating! Perfect!
  • Oh my goodness, Brett, that is too funny! I love the Superman batman and eggs. The men in my family would fight over those. :)
  • What a hilarious and awesome idea that is totally made for boys and dads!
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  • I love this. My whole blog is about parents and kids bonding. What a great idea to bond over a superhero.
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  • My husband and son have Superman T-shirts they like to wear on the same days. I am totally going to have to make some Superman bacon! What a cute idea.
    • I might get my son and husband robes for Christmas. They both need one!
  • That is really adorable! I have a few friends that would love that!
  • Wow! That is an amazing breakfast! I want to try to make it for my hubby actually bc he loves Superman! I love all the themed activities! This could work for a fun party theme as well!
    • I forgot M likes Superman too :)
  • OMG - my son would be thrilled! I must get that Superman robe for him and copy the awesome breakfast.
    • I know. The breakfast is awesome. We're going to do it for my husbands birthday!
  • Ohhh love the Superman Bacon & eggs.. you are soo talented and creative... LOVE it and totally agree.. bond, bond, bond they grow up way too fast ... awesome ideas you have there, will have to do the Water Balloon fight with the kids later today, they love it....:-)
    • Water balloon fights are always fun. Except maybe in winter???

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