Cancer doesn’t have boundaries. No social graces.

Cancer is ugly. I hate it. I shared Jamie’s story with you earlier in the week and now I’m going to share Matt B’s story. You see, in this line of work I communicate with people so often on email. Once in a while on the phone but mostly email. I’ve worked with many of the PR reps I know multiple times since this journey of mine began, and sometimes, personal information sneeks into our conversations. Its kind of inevitable, don’t you think? Anyway, several weeks ago, a very nice woman named Dre shared with me her brother’s fight against cancer, and I want to share his story with  you- because maybe you can help- or maybe his story will inspire you in some way.  He’s had a pretty amazing life, filled with challenges, but his strength and will to live are awesome.   When I read his story, their family story, I was sobbing.  Literally sobbing while reading. 

Please visit, and read Matt’s story.  Follow his Facebook page, and support Matt on this uphill battle he’s fighting.  Support his family and friends as they support Matt.  Donate if you are able to support his ever-increasing medical costs.  Share his page.  Share his story.  Someone you know or I know may be able to help in some way- but they can’t help if they aren’t aware.   So please, please share. 

Matt, Dre and their family have been in my prayers, and will continue to be.  I hope they can find their way into yours.

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  • sending prayers ! My mother-in-law died from colon cancer, so I know to an extint what he and his family are going through.:( I hope he wins.

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