Checking In: See how we like our cheap wireless plan

Remember, about a month ago I shared that we were checking out the Walmart Family Mobile plan with the Concord phone and the cheap wireless plan? Well, it’s been long enough that hubby (as well as me, and the 8 year old) have been able to play around and use the phone to really see what we think of the plan.  The verdict: we love it. It may not have the most bells and whistles of some other smartphones that cost 5-6 times as much, but it has the bells and whistles we USE and need.

My husband is able to send photos to us while he’s on the road- so when he sees something really cool, instead of  just describing it over dinner, and trying to share the image from a teeny tiny flip phone, he can send it immediately. Like last week, he caught about 20 blue crabs- he was able to tell not just tell us but also SHOW us…and I was able to get the grill set up to cook the crabs. (Which is the absolute end of my involvement with the crabs).


I have to admit right now that yes I did add myself into the phone contacts. Just in case you were wondering. 😉

When he’s home, my 8 year old has taken over this phone. She loves to text.  We don’t let her text many folks, but we have let her text family members.  She’s also been known to text me if I am up in my room or she’s down in the basement with my husband.  But she’s also able to text her daddy from my phone when he’s at work and check in or tell him something that happened- the two of them are thick as thieves and that’s been great for both of them.  My son has been playing around taking photos to send via text or just to surprise his dad with….


We’re also in the process of redoing a room in our home- and now my husband is able to compare prices or send me links because he has a phone with a data plan.  He was at a business, loved their flooring, asked where it was from and was able to send me the link to check out within 5 minutes.  That’s not something that we’d have been able to do before.


Having the ability to keep in touch and be able to search online for things with a smartphone has been wonderful for my husband (and for me).  Even just for being able to search for where a place IS or a phone number makes me feel better if he’s far from home.  He likes being able to look stuff up himself and not have to call home to ask me to look something up.

The service rollback available from Walmart Family Mobile is still available, $39.88 unlimited talk, text and web and $29.88 unlimited talk and text- pair that with the great phone prices Concord (is $79.88 – was $99.88)  and MyTouch devices (is $129.88 – was $149.88) and no contract? That’s a win in my book!  Online account management and information is available 24/7 on the Family Mobile website.  Hint: Grab it now while there’s a rollback! Give it a try!  I think you may like it.

 I think the thing my hubby is most excited about, besides finally having a personal phone…is that he can get the ‘extras’ option and be able to download his own ringtones.  Having a cheap wireless plan for us means we can splurge and do some fun things like get a few ringtones- not something we’d normally do.  I like the peace of mind.

Walmart Family Mobile is not available in all areas yet– although it is available widely (not as available in the west).  It’s a GREAT option if you want a smartphone without paying the really high rates, having to sign a contract, and spend money on unlimited plans that aren’t actually unlimited.  We’re really happy we discovered this service and will be continuing for at least 3 more months (we like to try service for a few months to get a really thorough experience with a product like this). Signal strength is fair in our house, better outside (which is how most service plans are in my area) but signal is great in most of Connecticut and most of Mass which is where my husband travels for work all the time, and where he uses the phone the most. I do see that they are rolling out some 4g service throughout 2013 so I think that the Walmart Family Mobile plans and service will get better, better and better with wider coverage.

Now, I’m off to give the kids more fun ideas of photos to take on daddy’s phone.  He forgot it at home today and, well, we like to have some fun. I think we’ll add some photos to all of his contacts.

Be sure to look around online and see how others are liking the Walmart Family Mobile plan- just watch for the #FamilyMobileSaves hashtag!!

About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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  • I can't decide what I appreciate the most about my husband having his own smartphone - the convenience and options available to make his day easier or how easy it is for me to stay connected with him (for honey do's and please stops :) Thanks so much for sharing about your experience with this plan - unlimited and affordable? Sounds like the right fit for my family!
  • Great!! I enjoyed reading the stuff.
  • What a deal! I love that there are getting to be more and more options out there!
  • SO awesome. I love the no contract part!
  • We have the T-Mobile myTouch phone on the Walmart plan and we love it so far. Yes, it's not the most expensive phone but it gets 4G service and we can do everything we need online like tweeting, posting on Facebook, sharing pics on Instagram, Googling and checking email. It's so much more affordable with no contract
  • That sounds like a great deal! May have to look into it when our plan expires!
  • I can't believe how affordable this is! I have to get to Wal-Mart!!!!
  • We have this plan for my 9 year old and we love it. She has a phone so we can connect if necssary while she is at practice. We have contracts on our phones but are seriously considering switching to Walmart too when they are up.
  • We are giving serious thought to switching over when our contracts expire. My husband would like to have a smartphone, but he doesn't want to add $30 extra a month to our current bill. We could both switch to the unlimited plan and actually save money! He doesn't want a phone with so many bells and whistles, so this is one that I think he would be interested in. Thanks for all of the information!
  • LOVE THAT. my 7 year old and I also um "borrow" the husbands phone and surprise him with videos and pics and....
    • LOL! I knew we weren't alone!!

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