Cupid’s Arrow Non Candy Valentine

This sweet homemade Non-candy Valentine is not only adorable but it is a thrifty craft for you to do with your kids. I have also included   a simple printable tag for you to add to your Valentine’s to personalize them for friends. These are perfect for making a couple dozen to take to school for the Valentine’s exchange.  All the items can be picked up at your local Dollar Tree, or may very well already be in your craft supplies

cupids arrow non candy valentine

Supplies Needed

Cupid’s Arrow Valentine Tag printable


Construction paper



arrow valentine craft materials

Cut 1 ½ – 2 “ strips from construction paper (the short side)

arrow valentine craft in progress

Using scissors “fringe” the paper all the way across by  cutting it about every 1/8 of an inch to  about an 1/8th to ¼ away from the edge.

arrow valentine craft fringe

Tape the end of the fringe to the eraser end of your pencil, roll fringe  around itself on pencil until completely wrapped-tape off end.

arrow valentine craft rolling

Fan fringe out with your fingers.

arrow valentine craft end

Cut 2 triangles from red construction paper, wrap clear tape with sticky side facing outwards around the writing end of your pencil, press triangles into either side.

arrow valentine craft tip

Print tags, cut them out, making a point at the end to resemble and arrow tip.

aim to make you mine valentine printable

What kind of Valentines are YOU making this year? Are you going the non candy Valentine route as well?

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  • This looks like such a fun idea and not that the kids may enjoy doing. It's also cheap and costs less than flowers.
  • This is cute!!... You can even buy different pencils to use, maybe pink, red, or white instead of using the generic yellow pencils. Thank you for sharing this great DIY Valentine's Day craft.
  • This is just too cute! It's something the kids would have fun doing.
  • What a cute idea.

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