Dance Central deal & question

I’ve got Xbox on the brain of late (gee, I wonder why?!) but I keep seeing this game and I think it looks like


Does anyone have it?  I know this is a great deal on it, but I also want to know how it IS to actually play!

Dance Central (This comes with 240 Microsoft points plus free shipping)






I think I realized I simply hate traditional exercise.  I’ll do it if I have to, but if I can dance the pounds away, I’d much prefer to do that, you know?  Since this is a Kinect game, I won’t have to hold anything, and the kids can dance along with me.  Thoughts?

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  • Like Jessi we have this AND Zumba and they BOTH rock !!!! (=
  • I have it and love it! Another great one is zumba for kinect. I work out with both and it's so refreshing and really works!
  • Dance Central is good for adults. Dance Paradise is more suitable for kids.

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