Danimals and Danonino offer Rally for Recess Contest!

rally for recess

Hey Parents!!  Taxpayers!  Teachers!  Check this promotion out- you won’t want to miss it!  Get Danimals® and Danonino® entry codes and redeem them online. Five schools will win a $30,000 Playground Makeover. You can also play to win one of three $1,000 Playtime At Home Prizes!  Like one playground isn’t awesome enough, they are giving five.  With the economy as it is, this is HUGE!  We could do a lot in my town for $30,000.

Kids and recess belong together. That’s why Danimals® and Danonino® want to supercharge your school’s recess with the chance to win great playground-related prizes. You can also play to win a $1,000 Playtime At Home Prize. Read the Official Rules for eligibility requirements and details on how get a free code by mail (super simple- I checked! You just have to hand write your name, address and verify your age and send the request in).

1. Collect Codes on Specially Marked Danimals and Danonino Products or Get One Free by Mail (The “Limited Edition” summer packs do NOT have the codes, and guess which my kids convinced me to buy today?)
2. Sign Up Online and Enter Codes for Points
3. Help Your School Get the Most Points in Your School League or Earn Points For The Playtime at home Prize

Five Schools Will Win a $30,000 Playground Makeover. Three $1,000 Playtime At Home Prizes Will Also Be Awarded.


Of course, feel free to send your codes to someone (*coughcough* me *coughcough*) if you are not going to submit them for a school of your own.  I’d love to see our little school get some fun playground equipment!  It’s a great promotion, and really quite simple to get all set up to enter codes.  It’ll take about 2 minutes of your time, unless you have to get up, go to the fridge, and get the code from the packaging.  Then, maybe three.  Have you gotten your school entered at Rally for Recess?


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  • RCM33947CY MKKM66XRPT 3TCF77RPC4 9JJYKYMTF4 Danimals codes that I won't be using
    • thanks maria!
  • What a great promotion! This will buy a ton of playground equipment!
  • I can't even imagine how much playground equipment that could buy!
  • What a great thing Danimals is doing!
  • This is awesome!
  • This is amazing. I know there are a vouple playgrounds nearby that are in desperate need of an upgrade. What a great program. I will picking up some of this yogurt on my next grocery trip for sure. Thanks for sharing!
  • We're not entered yet, but heading there now!

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