Decorating Your House for Spring


I love having flowers to add seasonal decor to my house!

Christmas is not the only time in which you can decorate the house seasonally. You may traditionally buy a tree at this time of year and fill your house full of wonderfully nostalgic decorations, however when they are all returned to there treasured storage place, whether it be the loft or under the stairs, your home can then look a little bear. With the oncoming of Spring,  there is nothing stopping you from now redecorating your house! After all, it’s a new season, why not a fresh start? If you want some ideas to brighten the place up, or even some ideas for new furniture, then these helpful tips may assist:

Why not start with fresh flowers, these  will certainly brighten up your house and garden. There are many beautiful flowers in season like daffodils, tulips and hyacinths. The great  advantage of flowers is that they are relatively inexpensive; they add colour and depending if you buy stemmed flowers or bulbs, they could last several weeks. Some flowers, like lilies, smell divine. Make the use of spring and buy some flowers for the house this season. For some great information on specific plants go online at Achica.

How about personalised Furniture. This is a brilliant way of spreading your individuality over your house. Some sites allow you to buy items and then add initials, messages or even phrases to them. You could personalise cushions, towels, boxes or plates. Paint your own mugs and crockery shops are cropping up all over the place, meaning that you could even personalise your own plates with drawings and patterns yourself. Not only will these personalised items make your house pretty, but they are individual and quite unique.

Away from furniture there are many other quirky items. You should check out the new spring range at for some wonderfully unique and standout items to decorate your home. From eccentric bottle openers to light bulb shaped vases, stocks many things that are weird and wonderful. How about wall stickers that can be can be purchased allowing you to add some colour to those plain walls. Various pieces of art work and ornaments can also make a seemingly plain looking room interesting. The fresh innovative ideas found on this site will ensure that you have endless creative opportunities to explore and indeed experiment with.

Should personalised items or wacky wall coverings not be your thing, then restyling sometimes is the easiest way to make your house more decorative. This does not mean you have to spend a fortune on new sofas or new carpet. A very easy way to create a fresh look is to give the walls a lick of paint with a pastel colour. Light blue, light yellow, creams, beige or even white can lighten the place up or add new dimensions to a room. Of course if you do not have the time to repaint walls or wallpaper them then a set of new curtains, new bed sheets, a new dinner set, new cushions, a lamp or new light shades can add colour to your rooms as well as making them look as if they have been fully decorated.

Decorating your house this spring does not have to be expensive though.Using Voucher codes and other online offers are worth looking out for and could save you a fortune. Spring is a time of freshness and new beginning, preparation for the summer ahead and is a great opportunity to be creative!

About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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  • I love spring first of all it is my favorite time of the year. I always have lots of flowers planted. We are moving to our first home (we are buying). There arent any flowers so I am looking forward to planting a flower bed or 3 with my little girl when the weather gets better :) She loves it as much as I do. Thanks for the tips, other than flowers I am not so savvy at decorating indoors lol
  • I love seeing and smelling fresh flowers in the house. They definitely brighten up the house after a long winter. It is strange that you mention decorating your furniture because I just bought a new table for the hall, which had been painted with flowers on it. Certainly brightens up the drab hallway. Thanks for your suggestions.
  • I'm definitely ready for spring. Thanks for the tips! I think I'll plant a LOT of flowers this year!

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