Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective

The Great Mouse Detective is one of my all time favorite Disney Movies. I was so thrilled to discover that it was going to be released on blue ray and DVD this month. It was originally released in 1986 and I can vividly remember going to the movie theater to see it. This lesser known disney film has always been special to me. No, it isn’t your mainstream Disney Princess flick, but an endearing tale of adventure. These lesser known Disney films have such character. I actually prefer them. This Sherlock Holmes and Watson type movie is sure the thrill and captivate your little ones. The movie is set in 1897 London and follows the plight of little Olivia, a Scottish mouse whose father has been kidnapped by a crippled bat. Olivia enlists the help of Basil of Baker Street and the adventure begins. Through many twists and turns you will be captivated by this tale. My 2 boys absolutely loved this cartoon movie. We all sat down to watch it on a rainy fall afternoon with a big bowl of popcorn. Perfection! This would be a fabulous little gift for Halloween. http://www.totaleclips.com/player/Splash.aspx?custid=907&playerid=69&bitrateid=461&formatid=20&clipid=e64610&affiliateid=-1   The 2 disc blue ray/dvd pack retails for $19.96. You can purchase the Great Mouse Detective here on Amazon.   “A sample of this product was provided to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.”

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  • I am grateful that TV cartoons have done such a great job of educating children. I had no such advantage as I sat and watched the Saturday morning shows in the early days of television. I had to learn the hard way. Now, I am amazing seeing my grandchildren counting and spelling at preschool ages. However, it's still nice to occasionally see a cartoon that can make you laugh. Phineas and Ferb seems to be the only one in that category these days. (And it's the one I will always watch with the grandkids) Which all brings me to the point of my comment: Mickey Mouse probably was the least "funny" of all of the Disney, Warner Bros, Walter Lantz, etc characters, and yet probably the most endearing one. There was something gentle about him. I'm glad that Disney kept him front and center, the leader of the pack whenever he appeared with others such as Donald or Goofy. It's good to see he's still with us. Heck, I'm glad I'm still with us. Thanks for the posting.
    • I feel the same way, Jack. There's a show called Peep and the Big Wide World that's pretty funny too but geared for littler kids. My husband and I love that show!

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