DIY Advent Calendars

I purchased advent calendars for my older 2 kids- but I’m struggling for my 3 year old.  She’s not old enough for the LEGO advent calendars, and I set out to poke around and find some DIY advent calendars that we can make this week for her.  I figured someone else might be looking too…so I’m sharing some of what I found.  Let me know if you make any- and how it turned out!

This Countdown Calendar from Multiples and More is great- it’s not specific to advent so you can use it for anything you are counting down to!

This Matchbox Advent Calendar from Cute as a Fox looks really, really fun and festive too!

This Activity Advent Calendar idea from A Year with Mom and Dad is quite simple (and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t screw it up…)

I already LOVE Maileg, my kids play with our Matchbox Mice daily…and this Santa Advent Calendar is simply divine.  I love it.

I kind of think I want to do a version of the Muffin Pan Advent Calendar– just not sure what to put INTO it. I was thinking a few pieces of a puzzle each day?!

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Thrifty Ninja’s Christmas Tree Advent Calendar is super cute too- and would be so festive on the mantle!

She did a Party Cup Advent Calendar last year, too that looks simple and affordable.

I stumbled on this tutorial for a Grinch Advent Calendar and now I’m seriously debating if I have the skills to replicate this. I’m in LOVE.  The Grinch is one of my all time favorite books- and I love the over the door shoe pouches for the Advent Calendar!

If only I could crochet, this Crochet Advent Calendar would be darling too!

My friend Mary decided to wrap up each of the 24 Christmas books her children already own and let them open one each day to read before bed. That’s simple- and free (except for wrapping paper).

My grama used to make us advent calendars with Hershey Kisses– a simple strip of ribbon and a hot glue gun made for a quick, inexpensive and easy advent calendar.  I bet you could do it with some green foam board and make it like a tree- and how cute would it be with all of the different flavors they have now!?  These were made back in the day when kisses came in silver foil wrappers only (so long ago?!)

What do you use for advent calendars in your family? Please share!

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  • These are really cute!
  • Growing up my mother had made a felt nativity scene that hung on the wall. Each day we could pull out and place a new member of the manger scene (and rearrange to our heart's content). It ended with the 25th being the baby Jesus in the manger. I should ask my parents if they still have it.
  • These are great ideas. I am going to Pin this for next Christmas.
  • These are all WAY better then those paper ones with the icky chocolate hiding behind each window. Plus you can reuse them from year to year, which is great! Thanks for the ideas :)
  • These are great ideas. I've been looking for a unique advent calendar for a couple of years.
  • These are all awesome ideas...the Advent calendar was one of my favorite things when I was parents always made sure we had one.
  • As all of our Christmas books and decorations were ruined last year when our cellar flooded, we were forced to be creative within an extremely tight budget. I'd seen the holiday book advent, but since we no longer have our own, I checked out a couple weeks worth from the library & wrapped them up so my 8yo daughter can pick out & read to me a new one each night. After a week, I return what she has read & check out some more. Since visits to the library are a weekly outing for us anyway, it works out perfectly. Thank goodness I have a reader on my hands; I don't know what I'd do otherwise, as we can't afford new toys, gadgets, decorations, etc. Santa will be leaving word games, puzzles, & letters filled with lots of love this year. Counting my blessings, though, that my child is home & healthy to receive whatever we're able to give. I know so many more will be hurting this year. We can take the pinch, so long as we're being pinched together.
  • You found some really cute Advent calendars. It makes me embarassed not to have looked for some of these on my ow. I especially love the Santa
  • Love these so cute I love the drawer and the knit one
  • I like the book one the best. My grandkids would love this. I would probably use newspaper to wrap them. We always have a lot of that.
  • oooo totally want to try the matchbox one, what a cute idea!
  • I love all of these ideas, we are into crafts big time here and certainly could use to make something like this!
  • Love the matchbox advent calendar, I can use Christmas paper to wrap boxes. also love some of the others also. I'm going to make a few for Granddchildren, alike or different not sure yet. Thanks so much for the wonderful ideas...
  • I really do like that Grinch one!
  • Loving the Grinch one too!
  • These are so creative. I have never done one for my kids.
  • I love the shoe bag one and maybe will beable to include that sunce we have never done this before
  • These all look so cute! I need to try something new this year but not sure what - maybe those paper cones - they look easy! :)