Finding Cupcakes in Walt Disney World

I’m going to share some secrets with you, my friends.  There are delightful cupcakes that many people don’t tell you about all over Walt Disney World.  I hope you understand that when I say cupcake, that these are cupcakes done Disney-style, and they are full of surprises.  You’ll also want to likely eat them with a fork AND share with a friend. They are huge and they are sweet and they are sinfully divine.

Kusafiri Coffee Shop (Animal Kingdom) Hopefully, you’ll have someone like Whitney, to serve you some of this delightful deliciousness

cupcakes from Kusafiri Coffee Shop




Pizza Planet (Hollywood Studios)


cupcakes from Pizza Planet

Seasons Restaurant (Epcot)

Main Street Bakery (Magic Kingdom)


Of course, there are other places to find them, and I’d love if you would share…so we can all enjoy some Disney-fied cupcake deliciousness now and again!




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  • I have never heard about Disney World selling cupcakes! These cupcakes look so delicious! I would love to go to Disney World and get a cupcake!
  • i'm amazed, your pictures are fabulous. I've never been, but my daughter has. She really didn't take any pictures; so yours make up for it. Cupcakes, oh my that is one of my passions. I want to make them and try all the new techniques. I own but not currently open my business. Make Cakes, cookies, candy and also Wedding planner and Party Creations. I want to make cupcakes so bad. I'm on disabiltiy and my husband is also out of work due to a medical problem. Money is tight, but when I do I'll make sure I check out the Disney Cupcakes and I will post pictures. Thanks for the info, just never thought about getting cupcakes at Disney...Oh my.
    • I had no idea about the cupcakes either. Holy moly. They are works of art.
  • Oh my goodness those look good!!! I am going to Disney next month and am definitely going to scope these out!
  • Those cupcakes look moist and delicious!

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