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I know that I am NOT the only person who has trouble keeping food storage containers neatly stored.  I can’t be.  Every month I pull all of the components out (and how is it that each month I do pull them out, I toss the random pieces that have no match, no matter how hard I look…but on the next cleanout, I find the missing pieces that really don’t have a match since they were recycled?!?!?!?)

I need to find a solution.  Or maybe I need a new kitchen.  Or both.  Because more often than not I attempt things like this idea from BHG to use CD tower storage to organize:

food storage container organization

and my reality?

failed food container storage

This is a cell photo. There are not spots on my wall!!

This.  HELP!!


What am I doing wrong?  I mean, aside from letting my 2, 4 and 6 year old help put the dishes away…but I got some containers that have the stackable lids so they wouldn’t make a mess.  You can see how that worked out.  I have some glass containers, but I get nervous the kids will knock them over and they end up at the back of the cabinet.  We do need to get new cabinets (ours were kind of piece-meal whenever they were put in) and I realize that, but that’s not going to happen right now (unless there’s a cabinetry fairy who would like to send some my way?! haha) so I need a solution for this mess.


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  • I have mostly all square or rectangle containers. As I pull the containers out of the dishwasher, I make sure they are dry and put the lids on them. I stack them in the cabinet. It takes up more room then nesting them but I don't have to hunt for a lid. I do have a few big containers and I do nest them in the back (since I don't use them as much) with the lids underneath. This works well for my family.
  • My cabinets are a semi-chaotic too! My mom recently bought the Rubbermaid system & it's working pretty well for her. I think I might get it. I also read some place that no matter what brand etc, you buy just make sure you buy one shape & stick with it, so that they can fit in each other. If you have square shaped containers don't add circles or rectangles to your collection, or they'll get out of control. :)
  • Our storage container cabinet is my nightmare...I get flustered everytime I have to go into it...there just doesn't seem to be enough space or shelves or...something! I do the clean up and recycle the unmatched ones but still this doesn't seem to help! If you find a solution, please keep us all posted!
  • Love this idea! So neat and organized.
  • You mean like my corner cabinet that even the cat won't go in? No help from me...
  • I know your pain. Mine are the same way. I keep getting those Glad containers and recycle when they get too gross. And you can add me to the cabinet fairy list while you are at it :)
  • what a great idea....i have tons of these and they take up entire shelf
  • If you figure it out, please let me know! My collection is about to drive me to drink. I'm 2 seconds from throwing them all out and reclaiming my cabinets!
  • I tossed out ALL of my mismatched food storage (well, donated to the battered women's shelter, actually)...this really stung since they were in good shape and I really didn't want to buy a new set. I sucked it up b/c the disorganized mess was causing me too much stress/frustration. I have teenagers who do the dishes and they do not understand the concept of 'nesting' and 'like items with like items'...I'm sure they 'understand' they just don't care. I was at Sam's Club and saw the Rubbermaid Food Storage Premier containers with snapping/locking lids. They used to be black but I have only found red lately (and green is for produce/fruits). It's BPA free if you are concerned and the best part (besides the organization) spaghetti sauce doesn't stain and the plastic doesn't 'cook' when microwaved by a man (holding a serving of spaghetti with sauce asking if I think 5 minutes is enough...Grrrrrr.). Anyway, I love this system and I also keep a few Ziploc containers for sending food to work/school or home with a friend. HTH It was worth the expense for me. I am happily organized now...LOL

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