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We have so many ways to store and share photos today, its a wonder we can find any images we’re looking for at all!  Just thinking off the top of my head, I have photos on my cell phone, my just-stopped-using cell phone, my tablet, my husband’s cell phone, photo CD’s, some DVD’s, our external hard drive, my blog, and on Facebook.  Plus I’m 99% sure there are some images on the memory cards in both my camera and my husbands.  That’s a lot of photos to keep track of, and having them in one place sure would make things a lot easier for me.  Oh gosh, just in writing I’m remembering I have some saved at various photo sites, like Snapfish, Shutterfly and Photobucket.  Jeez.  Its easy to lose track and not be able to locate an image you really want to find and share.  That’s where Fotobounce comes in. 

Fotobounce is a free photo storage program you can download (it is ad supported but I found them not a big deal at all, and the no-ad version is just $49)Face Recognition: One of my favorite things about this program- this can save tons of time so you aren’t tagging all day long.  The more photos you store, the more the program learns the faces.  Your tags and images are only stored in your account and only shared with those you choose to share them with.  I laughed a bit when I saw the “circle of trust” on their site (Meet the Parents reference, anyone?) but honestly, I think it is great they are so in tune with needs of today’s families.  Fotobounce users are called Bouncers.

With Fotomail you can send images from your phone directly to your Fotobounce account. I’m forever losing track of images on my phone because I forget to upload them (I’m new to smartphones, what can I say?) and this saves the step of sending to a site and uploading. Easy and saves time!

Privacy: in this day and age with all of the ways social media allows us to be connected, that also means our privacy is connected- and becomes not so private at all.  ONLY fellow Bouncers you choose to share your Fotobounce images with can access or see them.  Check out some of Fotobounce’s suggestions about privacy.

Face recognition- this is probably a favorite part of anyone who has tried the Fotobounce software- its a cool feature that saves a lot of time!!  The more photos you store, the more the program can recognize faces- and save you the time of tagging them.  (Although uploading multiple photos of identical quadruplets might be fun to try to test the system haha).  Not only will the program recognize faces, but the tags can transfer to Facebook when you share a photo there.  Especially having a name like Brett as a woman, I’m mis-tagged in a lot of Facebook photos of my friends.  Too many.  I’m often depicted as a middle aged balding man, or a young boy.  I’m neither.  With the frequency that so many of us, myself included, use social media, programs like Fotobounce are doing us a huge service and saving us a lot of time and energy.  I know I’ll be using it for a long time to come!

This post is brought to you by our friends at Fotobounce.  Opinions expressed within are my own.

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  • I absolutely love fotobounce, it even makes uploading all my albums onto facebook with tags so much easier. Follow @fotobouncerago and voice any questions or concerns you have!! They're so quick to answer
  • Thanks for the great review of the site and features. I was on the site earlier today trying to figure out how everything worked, but I found it a lot to take in. This sounds really cool!
    • it is a lot, Amy & I think I have a lot more to discover, but I will definitely keep using it. I need to simplify and streamline!

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