Freedom of speech and expression can lead to NO MAS!

No Más Oppression! No Más Censorship! No Más Silence! Change can start with two simple words…NO MÁS!

sarah kavanagh gets rid of BVO in gatorade

James Edward Bates for The New York Times


Freedom of expression and freedom of speech can wield some pretty amazing results.  Big things, little things, in between things- many of these happened because one person said “no more.” or really, NO MAS!  Someone has to start.  SomeONE has to say, no more.  No more chemicals in our water supplies.  No more growth hormones in cows who produce milk for us to drink.  No more

The above photo is of Sarah Kavanagh, a now 16 year old girl who used her freedom of speech and freedom of expression and got over 200,000 others to stand behind her- against the PepsiCo to get them to stop using BVO (a chemical used in flame retardant materials) in their Gatorade products.  She won.  Sarah’s vegan, and had looked at the ingredient label before drinking the Gatorade, to be sure there wasn’t anything she couldn’t have.  Not recognizing what BVO was, she researched and wasn’t happy with the results.  So she started a petition.  Kind of amazing what the power of speech can do!

Think of where this society would be had Rosa Parks just stood up and gone to the back of the bus.  What if Martin Luther King never shared his dream, but kept that to himself?  What if no one ever thought to say hey, there should be some kind of minimum wage for workers?

Of course, there’s also freedom of expression gone…a little too far, at least for some?    Like Leysa, who let her new boyfriend tattoo his name on her face (the tattoo is over 5 inches tall) just 24 hours after meeting him in person for the first time.   There’s an awful lot of people giving commentary on her choice of expression…I’m not sure I’d tattoo my face for anyone!

The world changes when we speak up. Freedom of expression is an important and often forgotten right.

For many, freedom of expression is not a given.  In some places, you can be jailed or worse simply for what you chose to wear- or do.  There are 2 brothers from Cuba, Antonio Michel Lima Cruz and Marcos Maiquel Lima Cruz who were jailed for dancing to hip hop music while holding the Cuban flag.  Jailed, like right now.


Nabeel Rajab, a civil rights leader from Bahrain’s is in prison for tweeting on Twitter.  He’ll be serving a 2 year sentence.  There are petitions you can sign to get Rajab and the Lima Cruz brothers freed.


Freedom of expression is important to each and every one of us.  I’d not be where I am today without it- my life would be totally different.  For many…life would be different in negative ways.  Freedom of expression is important for each and every one of us on this planet.   Right now, I am exercising my freedom of expression and free speech to say NO MAS! to automatic guns.  After the events in December in Newtown, CT, just over an hour from me, and several that have followed, I honestly am not “in the middle” about guns anymore. I can understand and respect that there are many who feel safer and protected having guns and firearms in their possession.  But I cannot understand having automatic nor semi-automatic weapons.  I want the government to ban these weapons.  We’ve seen how bad things can be, and if you let yourself think about how much ammunition that shooter had on his person, you can very easily see how much worse it could get.

no mas automatic guns

What will YOU use your freedom of expression and freedom of speech to say NO MAS! To!?!?

1.     Create a personalized No Mas Badge with an issue you feel passionate about or have fun sharing what makes you scream No Mas! Share your badge with family and friends!
2.     Sign the Petitions to stand up for the freedom of expression and setting two victims free.

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  • That's so awesome Brett! I love when people are passionate about something and get active!! Thanks for sharing these stories.
  • we really take so much for granted with the freedoms we have in America. I was shocked to learn they were put in jail for these simple forms of expression! :(
  • What an inspirational post. I say No Mas to bullying! Someone needs to stand against it.
  • I love the story of 16 yr old Sarah. Great post!
  • Amen! To paraphrase the famous quote, I may disapprove of what someone says, but I will defend to the death their right to say it.
  • I love this post there is so many things I would say No Mas too!
  • This is a great post. I say No Mas to a lot of things.
  • I saw Sarah on a morning show recently. Her maturity and drive are certainly something we can all inspire to impart in our children. Such a great example of the future.
  • Back in the 70's & 80's I said NO MAS to many things--growth hormone in milk (had petitions hand signed at environmental fairs) No MAS to Power Plants and many other environmental issues. I knew there was something about Gatorade's taste that I didn't like--my body said NO MAS to that!! Yes, freedom of expression is very important and I am very happy to see others feel the same way.
  • I've got a lot of things I'd say No Mas to... but probably I'd love to say it to Monsanto for spreading their chemical / GMO seeds to third world countries, keeping them in perpetual famine and poverty!!! But that's another story!!
    • Julie you should make a badge!

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