Grilling Vegan Style Cookbook review

grilling vegan style john schlimm     John Schlimm is back at it again with another fun and fabulous vegan cookbook.  Grilling Vegan Style has a wide variety of grilling recipes that are going to blow the socks off of vegans and omnivores alike.  When I received my copy I started to dog-ear the recipes I wanted to try.   My book ended up with more pages dog-eared than not.  This cookbook begins with a section explaining all the ingredients and kitchen tools that are used throughout the book.  Most are very easy to find.  Then Schlimm gets right into chapters with names like, Backyard Bites, Summertime Salads and Fired-up Sides.  There are 12 chapters is all and great recipes everywhere you look.  John Schlimm is no stranger to writing books.  He has 10 others including The Tipsy Vegan, which I reviewed earlier this year.

When I think of grilling I often imagine the perfect burger.  Back in the day that meant an overcooked barely recognizable beef patty.  I think that was an early sign that I was going to switch to a vegetarian and plant-based diet.  Now I look for a burger that stays firm, tastes great and cooks up without getting dried out.  Grilling Vegan Style has a delicious recipe for Mexican Tortilla Burgers.  When I was pregnant with my son we ate at a local Mexican restaurant at least twice a week.  One of my son’s first outings was back to that restaurant where the waitress quickly carried him off to the kitchen to show off the little “gringo” baby.  So, I knew this burger was the one for us.  The main ingredients are beans and mushroom with lots of spices which you can adjust to accommodate your heat preference.   The recipe does call for the patties to chill for several hours or overnight so I had to wait a full day to grill them up.  These burgers are well worth the wait and have become our go-to burger.  They grilled up perfectly, stayed intact, had a great flavor profile and looked lovely topped with some ripe avocado slices.

grilling vegan style mexican tortilla burger

Some of the other tasty recipes are Flame Day Fries, Grilled Picnic Pizza, Flame-Glazed Eggplant with Hoisin Sauce, and Shiny Happy Poppers.  To find out more about John Schlimm and any of his books, check out his website Grilling Vegan Style can be purchased online and I have also found it in person at Barnes and Noble.  Get your copy today and get grilling!


What is your favorite food to grill?

About the author: I am a plant-based mom, wife, educator and blogger.

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  • This sounds like great cookbook for cooking some interesting vegan meals. I always like to have a meatless meal once in a while. But to have recipes for grilling vegan is just great. I would love to make a grilled vegan meal.
  • This looks like a good book! The food actually looks good haha.
  • I never thought one could eat so well using great cook books like this as a guide. Going plant based has only brought more variety and great flavors to our dinner table.
    • That is so true Spence. I have tried veggies and spice I knew nothing about before!
  • This looks fantastic, Gayle!!Thanks for sharing!
  • I'm just hunting out books for Christmas gifts, I have a MIL whose going to be all over this book!
    • It really is a great book. There will be more vegan cookbook reviews coming soon too!

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