So what is next on Pretty Little Liars since we know who A is?

pretty little liars season 2, find the pretty little liarI have to admit to you that I kind of cheated a bit to find out who A was- before the season 2 finale of Pretty Little Liars.  I knew there were books and I poked around until  I found the answer.  Now that I know, I want to go back through and re-watch both Season One and Season Two and see what little hints and suggestions I missed out on!  Knowing that just like the books, A is really Mona…that’s not surprising.  But the folks who write this show aren’t going to give us all of the answers, and we should all expect a whole lot of twists, turns, and (un)pleasant surprises for Season Three.  Perhaps the show will be more pretty and handsome little liars?  So what’s next for the girls?

Oh wait.  A isn’t REALLY Mona.  She can’t be.  She’s the messenger.  Part of the team.  My bad.  And here some of you were thinking I was giving spoilers (can they be spoilers after the episode airs?  I think Mona’s doing the “social media” taunting and bullying FOR A….or rather, the A-Team.  She’s not working alone.

I cannot say who I thought really was A before I did my research- I’m probably the worlds worst “detective” and miss things all the time.  Just ask my husband (haha).

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Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC Family


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  • I watched one season, not sure which one, and I read the first book. Got to the part where A was Mona and it didn't make sense. Good thing is, i have two teenage daughters who keep me updated. I'll find out eventually!
  • You know, I've never watched this.
  • Ha I thought I was the only adult that watched this show! LOL. I always feel silly watching a tween show but it is SO good. I love it. I have no idea who the A-team might be, but of course have my suspicions....I do wonder what Jenna is scheming with her "I can't see" lie. Glad to see you watch Pretty Little Liars too! I don't feel so awkward now lol.
    • hahaha. our little secrets...pretty little secrets! a lot more people watch than admit to it!

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