Guest Post: How I saved money comparing credit cards online

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I was like a lot of people. I had used credit cards to pay off some bills I’d not expected, for a holiday we all felt we needed, and when an appliance broke down we used our card for that too.
Before we knew it we’d been spending like that for too long, we’d ignored the bills, paid the minimum payment and interest was mounting up. Soon though, it had gotten out of control.
We were trying to pay some back, but the amounts we paid each month weren’t even covering the interest amount.
We decided to get serious.
I sat down with my wife and decided that we needed to get rid of this credit card debt.
It had become a real point of tension, to the point that spending any money, even on food, was becoming an argument. We tried to make a plan to pay it all off, but even with cutbacks and talking about not going on holiday that year we couldn’t make the figures add up.
We would still be paying back our cards years from now, simply because of the amounts of interest each month.
We knew that if we didn’t have the interest to pay each month then we’d be able to pay our balance off within the year.
I had no idea that there were credit cards available with 0% on balance transfers for such a long period as there is now! Some offering nearly two years 0% interest on balance transfers.
We switched quickly and began paying off our debt each month without the interest rising on the balance.
I’m really proud to say that although we still have a credit card now, that we’ve been able to pay off all our outstanding debt on our cards! And when we do spend on it, we make sure we pay it off right away.


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  • I'm so glad we're done with the credit cards, it can be such a money pit! Esp. when you get a little shopping happy with them, lol.
  • Oh I hate credit card debt!
  • Ugh! Stupid credit card debt. I try to be good with money too but sometimes illnesses and car repairs cause some expected expenses.
  • I'm so glad that my fiancee is good with money & stuff like this because I'm just completely useless with it!

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