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We’re only just breaking the surface of the world of seasonal allergies around here. My younger two children, currently 22 months and 3.5 years, are both having a horrible time with the pollen in the air here in Connecticut. There are days when I just look at them and feel so guilty!

One of my biggest allies in my fight with allergies is local honey. I’ve used it in spring for all of us for years- when the kids are little and under 18 months I make sure to dissolve the honey in boiling water to remove any chance of botulism, but I’ve read in so many places that using honey native to your geographic area is a great way to help combat allergies because it has the local pollen from the local bees. We like to buy local for many reasons, but we ONLY buy local honey for this reason.

My son has had the worst go-round with allergies – and he wasn’t even showing symptoms outwardly, but first exhibited his allergies through behavioral issues.  He started acting very mean and agressive, traits not typical for him at all.  Worried, we called the pediatrician, almost “hoping” it was an ear infection making him lash out and be so angry at everything, but one look at him and she could tell it was allergies.  She actually suggested giving him Children’s Claritin daily (honest!!  She also said if the Claritin didn’t work, to then try another major brand) because she herself has had good results with her child that suffers from seasonal allergies.  We started him on it the next day, and while it hasn’t been 100% effective, I can tell he’s not as bothered by things.  I can also tell on the days when the pollen count is really high that even with the antihistamines in his system, he’s being affected and uncomfortable so we try to change our routine up and give him different ways to get his energies and aggressions out than using his sisters and parents as punching bags.

I think and pray that the combination of the local honey with the Claritin will help keep my little guy feeling more like his sweet adorable self.

My littlest one, Baby B, shows more outward signs of allergy symptoms- the runny nose, watery eyes, etc.  I’ve had pretty good luck with my honey “cocktail” which is really just apple juice and water with some dissolved honey in it for her, along with using some homeopathic OTC remedies for allergies.  I hesitate to do much at all because she’s still not 2 but she’s obviously uncomfortable and I struggle for a balance of her comfort and using treatments.

Do your kids have allergies?  What do you do to help ease the discomfort?

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