>I am feeling VERY proud of myself right now. #NSNation

>I really, truly am.  You all know I’m on Nutrisystem, just starting my 2nd week.  I’m loving it, but I honestly wasn’t sure how I’d do with the Superbowl and all the snack-tastic foods that come with it….

I rocked it.  Kicked the snacky foods in the rear. 

I did.

Last night I made honey-mustard marinade from scratch and baked chicken thighs, rice and green beans for the family for dinner.  Wouldn’t you just know it, Nutrisystem has a dinner that’s chicken, and a rice, and green beans.  So while I wasn’t eating exactly what the family was, it was pretty darn close!! 

But…my biggest success was today/tonight.  I’d actually decided that when I caved, I’d have some tortilla chips (baked) with some of our salsa we can each year that we grow in the garden.  I figured, I can limit myself with salty snacks…and it would be the healthiest snack cavein.  We had pizza and wings and veggie sticks to munch on- well, the wings I can take or leave (I prefer boneless) so I left them- and I had a yummy turkey pepperoni pizza from Nutrisystem that I piled some extra veggies on top of.  Again- same dinner as the family.  ON Nutrisystem.  AWESOME!! 


I didn’t have the tortilla chips and salsa.  I ended up not really watching much TV after the kids went to bed, I got some work stuff done here on the laptop in the kitchen, sipping flavored seltzer water and munching on melty ice cubes. 

I did have an extra snack a bit earlier- I had that butter flavored popcorn I was telling you about the other day.  Perfect portion, and yes, it was an extra ‘dessert’ but you know what?  I’m 100% ok with it.  When I think about all of the other things I COULD have eaten- I’m feeling really awesome right now!

I’m loving Nutrisystem!

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  • >Awesome! I wish I had that kind of will power. I have looked at Nutrisystem but I am afraid those processed meals will spike my blood sugar and just leave me hungrier. Le sigh... Super glad it is working for you!
  • >Great job!
  • >I am so proud of you. I hope that I have the strength that you do as we being the program later this month!
  • >Welcome to the NSNation. Looking forward to being inspired by you!
  • >good for you - it all does sound pretty healthy to me! :) Way to go! :)
  • >You do rock, Brett!!Kelly K.
  • >GREAT job Brett! You rocked it girl! I did that at Christmas, too. I made a big fruit & veggie buffet :O)
  • >Congratulations!! Wow, that rocks!Please come by and link up your post on Motivation Monday and check on the other NS Nation bloggers.http://kellysluckyyou.com/2011/02/motivation-monday-linky-feb-7-2011/

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