>My very first Nutrisystem Week has come to a close. #NSNATION

>I’ve had a different food for every meal (ok maybe a few dessert repeats) and stuck to the program quite well this entire week…and…

I lost 4.1 pounds since I weighed in last Friday!! 

I’m so excited!!  And so, so motivated to keep going with this .   I haven’t been starving, either.  In fact, its kind of hard to remember to get EVERYTHING in each day.  I was super hungry one day…although I’m not sure that shoveling a roof and then roof raking for an hour straight is anticipated when you are doing Nutrisystem so maybe that had something to do with it. 

That’s right- I’ve had exactly 23 meals, 7 snacks, 7 desserts (yes, dessert DAILY!!) and am down 4.1 pounds.  New math?  23+7+7=4.1 

I’ve even received some of the brand new Nutrisystem foods to try, and while I haven’t tasted them all, I have to say the Peanut Butter & Jelly bar  is pretty delish!! 

Other new items I’m anxious to try include Butter Flavored  Popcorn

and Italian Wedding Soup.  That’s hands down my all time favorite soup.

 Plus, now they have Scrambled Eggs with Vegetables for breakfast too!

In other news- Nutrisystem is, for a limited time, offering their 2003 pricing!!  This is their “Rollback Sales Event” and its a perfect time to keep your resolutions going. 
Want to see more of how Nutrisystem is working for others just like me and you? 

Check out some of my fellow Nutrisystem Bloggers’ pages for updates:  (Let’s show them some love and support too!!)

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  • >Wooohooo!!! Congratulations!
  • >Way to go!!! I am so happy for you!
  • >That is a crazy awesome start!! Good for you for kicking off your first week and doing such an amazing job! :)
  • >Brett ~4.1 lbs lost in a week!!!! WOW! You rock!!! Here's to a great next week :) HugsMeredith
  • >OMG! That is GREAT!!!! Congratulations. What a wonderful way to start off! I just started on 2/4/11 (today) so I am hoping for a successful weigh-in as well. Looking forward to your posts!
  • >Congrats woman! WTG, I'm so proud of you for sticking to it and NOT dipping your fingers in the yummies you had to make! You are going to do so well on this :O)

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