I is for Incontinence

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I’m just going to come right out and say it. The “I’ word. Incontinence.  Yup, I’m going there. I is for Incontinence. Today, we’re talking about bladder leakage. Why in the world would I be talking about bladder leakage? Surely it’s not something that people under the age of around 60 or so are faced with, right?


Oh wait, yes it is for people under 60.  Under 50.  Under 40! Under 30, under 20.  Bladder leakage knows no boundaries.  If you think it can't happen to anyone- you are wrong.


Bladder incontinence affects millions of people at all ages long before they qualify for a senior citizen discount. It can be caused by childbirth, stress, or an over active bladder. It’s inconvenient. It’s annoying. And it affects your daily activities. It'll make you sprinkle before you tinkle and that's not fun for anyone. 


The good news?


It doesn’t have to.


Thanks to Depends, bladder leakage no longer means you have to forgo your favorite activities.  In fact, Depend® for women and men have developed a variety of products that are carefully designed to allow them to take back their confidence. It's time to take back your control and do something to help yourself. (Er, myself).

 photo 01_KCK_60263_DependMain_300x250_nocta_zps77a3934b.jpg

The product rundown:


Depend® with Fit-Flex™ Protection is smooth and sleek because of the added LYCRA® strands so that you can slip them on for a soft, comfortable and discreet fit. The women’s underwear is shaped for a women’s body with features like the oval leg cutouts. The men’s underwear fits snuggly like boxer-briefs and adds layered protection where you need it most.


Depend® Real Fit and Silhouette’s cotton-like fabric creates a sleek, ultra-smooth fit under your clothes and is soft against the skin. The slim side profile provides great protection with a discreet fit, while the all-around leg elastics help protect you from leaks.


Depend® Seat Protectors are designed with super absorbent materials and an upholstery-like print that helps blend into your home décor. 

Depend® Bed Protectors are made with a soft, cloth-like fabric to stay quiet while you sleep and super absorbent materials to keep your bed dry all night long. No one wants to hear what happens in your bed, so let's keep things on the down low, mmmkay? 


With all of these options, you’re guaranteed to find the product that’s right for you.  If you’ve found yourself experiencing symptoms and signs of bladder incontinence, don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed. Talk to your doctor and your close friends, and you may be surprised that you are far from alone in your struggle. THEN, start researching which product is right for you. The determining factor should be comfort and how confident you feel while wearing it.  Then, grab a pack next time you’re at Walmart, and give it a try!

I guess you could say I is for Incontience and D is for Depends 🙂

Do you know someone that deals with bladder incontinence? How do they deal with it?

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