Kids Frugal Fun: Angry Birds Bean Bags (National Bird Day is Jan 5)

Do you have an Angry Birds fan in the house? Mom on Dealz had fun making these and playing the word game!

Each week I bring you a craft to do with your children that is fun, educational, and frugal. January 5th is National Bird Day and January 6th is National Bean Day so I thought I would combine them both to have some fun with the very popular Angry Birds.

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Angry Birds Bean Bag Learning Materials: Red, White, Blue, Yellow, and Black Felt Googly Eyes Glue or glue gun Scissors Large Sheet of Paper Markers Beans or Rice

1. Cut 2 big circles out of the red, blue, and white felt (ours are kind of small at only 4 inches across). 2. Cut out little rectangles of black felt for the bird’s eyebrows and little yellow triangles for the beaks. If you choose to have felt eyes and not googly ones, you will also need to cut out small white and black circles for the eyes. 3. Glue the face parts on each big circle first. Then take the 2nd circle of each color and glue to the back of the first. BE SURE TO LEAVE ROOM AT THE TOP FOR THE BEANS OR RICE TO GO INSIDE. 4. Fill the birds with beans or rice. We started out doing this by letting my son put the beans in with his hands but as you can imagine, this was taking forever. We then made a funnel from a water bottle and it was much easier. 5. Glue the hole together to seal the beans inside. If you are nervous about the glue holding the bean inside, you can always sew this craft as well. Note: I had my son use Elmer’s glue to complete the craft and then to further secure it, I went back behind him and used a hot glue gun. These beans are not coming out! Learning Activities:

        • Language Arts: 1. Create a sheet with ABC’s, word families (we did the -at and -an word families in the picture above), short vowels, or whatever skill your child needs. Have your child throw the bean bags and identify whatever the bag lands on.

        • Math: 1. Have your child identify the shapes used in the craft. 2. Have your child count the beans or you have them create addition and subtraction problems. 3. Make a sheet with problems on it and have your child throw the bags and tell you the answers. For example: Write 2+5 on the sheet and when your child lands on that problem they tell you 7).

      • Science: Discuss birds and their enviroment. You can go outside and find leaves and sticks and fill a basket. Then place your Angry Birds bean bags inside their “nest”.

If you want some Angry Birds toys that will work with these ideas just as well, check out these: Angry Birds 5″ Plush Red Bird with Sound$8.49 Angry Birds 5″ Plush Piglet with Sound$6.77 Angry Birds Card Game$6.99 Pin It;

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  • My son LOVES Angry birds...awesome project!

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