Natural Remedies for Inflammation

So it’s 2012.  The year I will be turning 38.  I can remember a time when that seemed like a very OLD age.  While I am not old, and certainly don’t FEEL old, I have noticed in the past few years that things are um…well, they aren’t quite the same as they were when I was, say, 18.  Or maybe 28.  Stuff like my knees, and ankles.  Things go snap, crackle and pop! even when they aren’t in a bowl full of milk as part of my breakfast.

I’m starting to understand why my grandma Evelyn hated the cold, because it made her joints ache.  While I don’t ache (yet?) in the cold, I do definitely react more to cold temperatures, at this stage of the game.  Inflammation causes pain, and I don’t have a high threshold for pain.  I get kind of crabby.  Pouty.  Whiny.  It’s pathetic, really.  But I’d like to prevent the pain before it starts, you know?   Then I’m not stuck trying to relieve pain, just the inflammation that causes it.

Apparently, my body has turned 37 1/2 right along with the rest of me.   I prefer, when possible, to use natural remedies for anything to do with my body (and those of my family members), from scrapes to aches to fevers…so inflammation issues would have me seeking out natural remedies before pharmaceuticals.  I’m hoping that my newfound acceptance of exercising on a mostly regular basis will help me to keep my joints feeling (and acting) younger than I am, but should they continue to groan, squeak, snap, crackle or pop in protest of my simply turning over in bed…well, I might look for something like Trivita.    Or rather, WHEN they continue.  Maybe I should start taking some of these remedies pre-emptively.  

Don’t know what Trivita is?  Neither did I:

Nopalea (No-pah lay’uh) is a tasty wellness drink sourced from the fruit of the Nopal cactus (Opuntia Ficus Indica). The healing properties of the Nopal cactus have been relied on for centuries by native peoples, and they’re now available in Nopalea. Each 32–ounce bottle of Nopalea brims with the health benefits of the Nopal fruit.

Nopalea helps your body neutralize its inner toxins and reduce its inflammation.
It contains rare and potent antioxidants that are SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to help the body REDUCE INFLAMMATION

When you take Nopalea daily, it can help your body:
Reduce inflammation
Cleanse itself of daily toxins
Promote optimal health

You can try Nopalea for free (only pay $9.95 for shipping) by calling 1-800-203-7063.


What do you think?   Do you use natural remedies?  I figure if something’s been around and used for a purpose for hundreds of years, there’s clearly a reason people keep using it.

This is a sponsored  post for PayPerPost.  PayPerPost is not affiliated with Trivita/Nopalea.  Opinions are my own.

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  • I eat low inflammation foods and exercise. That does it.
    • I have RA and by doing this I have no pain. Low carb-no grain/sugars, etc.
  • I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I have tried SO many natural remedies. Some worked ok and others not at all. But...when a person is in pain, they will try things they normally wouldn't if they were healthy. I think God put herbs here for a reason...
  • I've seen the commercials for this. I would love to try it. Shaunda.Eppes at gmail dot com
  • Thanks for this post!! I'm going to try this drink. I like to try natural remedies also.

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