Kids Frugal Fun: Lacing Leaves

Each week MomonDealz brings us a craft that is fun, educational, and frugal! Lacing activities are excellent ways to improve fine motor skills and kids love them!

Fall Lacing Fun

Cardstock, Poster board, or Paper
Single Hole Punch
Pencil, Crayons, Other Decorating Items

1. Draw and cut out desired fall shape (football, leaf, apple, pumpkin, leaf, ear of corn, acorn, etc).

2. Punch holes around the edge of shape about 1 inch from the side and 1 inch spaced apart.
3. Wrap tape around each end of your ribbon to help make the activity easier.
4. Have your child lace the ribbon through the holes of the shape.

Educational Activities:
Language Arts: 1. Write descriptive words or draw pictures of things you see during Fall (We practiced writing L for leaf on our shape). 2. Make up fun and rhyming Fall songs and sing them while your child laces. Then have them ID the rhyming words. Example given below.
Science: Discuss weather changes that Fall brings and discuss the shapes and forms of the common natural objects of Fall (leaves, etc).
Math: Create a pattern in the middle of your shape (such as circle, heart, triangle, circle, heart, triangle, etc).

Leaves around us falling down
Yellow, orange, and sometimes brown

Pumpkins, apples, and some football
I’m so very excited it’s time for Fall!

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  • This looks like it will be fun and easy for the kids.
  • What a easy and fun craft for fall! TY! :)
  • Awww, I remember doing these when I was a child and I would love to do them with my children. Thanks for posting this :)
  • Love the little fall poem, hubby will love it as it includes football. Thanks for sharing these great ideas for fall
  • This is great my daugther is in first grade & has 100 sight words she has to learn. We made leaf shapes & she wrote her sight words on them. We hung them on the wall to help her learn her words in a fun way! Thank you so much for all the great ideas!!!
  • commented on lacing leaves
  • what a neat idea
  • I work in an after-school program with kids that are low in their classrooms with their social and academic skills. This would be a GREAT project to try - Definitely will do!
  • This does look like a great way to enhance my grandson's motor skills. From a very young age, he's loved to play with the strings on his pull toys and shoe laces. I think he would lOVE this activity!
  • what a cool idea!

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