Laundry. My never-ending nemesis.

laundry stains in progress

The stains in progress

I’m climbing a mountain again today.  Mount Laundry.  Maybe you’ve climbed it too?  I’m forever climbing it.  All too frequently, there are avalanches that knock me to the bottom and make me start all over again with the attempt to overcome the peaks and valleys.  This little one pictured above is a big contributor to my personal mountain of laundry.  She’s all kinds of cute, but when she spills, man, does she ever get stains from head to toe.

Playing outside, working on tractors, fixing things, playing tball, digging to China (and back), coloring, painting, eating…it’s all fun and games until someone gets a stain on their clothes.  Then my work becomes more challenging.  I have to find those stains, because, 9 times out of 10, no one tells me they are there, and fight them.  Demolish them.

A few hours in the sun and voila! Even pizza grease stains are gone!

But I’m prepared. I have my stash of stain removing products, and my techniques. I can fight any stain (mostly) and come out victorious!  My laundry products are my saviors.  What works best for me, no matter what the stains, is application of the stain removing product, and a run through the wash, and then hanging the stained clothing on the clothesline for some time in the sun.  I have a lot of products that I use- sometimes just one product, like Clorox® Oxi Magic™ Multi-Purpose Stain Remover, but other times, I kind of make my own mix and match based on the stains.  My husband is a DIY kind of guy and is forever bringing me clothes with strange, random stains that take me a few tries to remove.

I think the big secret to stain removal is catching the stains before they set, and then drying in the sun.  The sun is nature’s secret laundry booster- makes things smell fantastic and gets out so many stains (even diapers!)

How do YOU remove stains on laundry?  How do you fight mount laundry?  I need a better system soon!



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  • I always have laundry to do here too! I have laundry day on Mondays and Thursdays. It works out well and makes it not so difficult. I use Spray N Wash w/ Resolve for stains. It's worked out great on everything, even set in yuckies!
  • I despise laundry, well, the putting away of laundry after it's done being washed. I have no secret tips for fighting stains--we just use Tide pods and they seem to work wonders--even on my husband's military cammies!
    • I hate putting laundry away. My husband thinks we're the only people in the world who frequently live out of laundry baskets! I'm glad we're not alone. I haven't tried the Tide Pods- do you love them?
      • I haven't tried any other brand of laundry pods to measure them against, nor have I had to deal with serious stains, but I would have to say I enjoy using pods over liquid / power detergent (obviously those two forms are the cheapest/most economical) because it takes the guesswork out of measuring, messy spills, excess space in your house. The clothes come out nicely scented from the washer, and if you have heavy stains you just use two pods = less toxins/detergent waste to the environment. We got a great deal on them living on a base (tax free) so that's why we tried them out in the first place. I might go and test out other brands, but Tide has been reliable.
        • That's a good reason. I haven't really tried pods at all I didn't know other brands HAD them!!

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