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>We got to try out the new Leapster Explorer.  It just was released July 15th and I have yet to see it in any stores in person, but its there.  You should totally check it out if you see it.

We have had the Leapster 2 for about a year and a half now, and while that has been great, this is a huge step up in terms of picture quality.  MUCH clearer graphics.  Better sound quality too.  The screen seems to be a good amount larger.  You can actually go and compare the Leapster 2 and the Leapster Explorer right here. 
You can use the Explorer as a touch-screen.  This is one of *my* favorite features because my kids are constantly stealing my iTouch to play games.  Finally they can feel like they have their own iTouch!
I’d originally thought this would be for my 3 year old, although our Explorer came with the Disney Princess game- not exactly geared towards the construction truck loving crowd, but he still likes it.  
We quickly realized that it would be better for little man to use a different hand held and give this to our oldest for use.  He can use this, and does use it at three, but much of it is just too far ahead of his development.  

He doesn’t seem too upset about playing the Princess game!

Each Explorer unit comes with a Leaplet card- which has a code that can be redeemed for Leaplet apps you can download onto your unit. We have the Jewel Train Leaplet and the kids both LOVE it.  They fight over it all of the time.  There are also some cool features coming this fall/winter like a camera you can attach.  Here’s what the Leapfrog site tells us about the Leaplets:

Embark on more adventures! Leaplet™ download cards let you choose from more than 20 Leaplet learning apps online. Leaplet learning apps are games, e-Books, videos, flash cards and more that download directly to the Leapster Explorer™ handheld.

• Package includes 2 Leaplet download cards.

• You can download 1 Leaplet learning app per card (some Leaplet learning apps may require 2 cards for download).

• Parents can follow their child’s play and learning progress on the LeapFrog® Learning Path.

• Appropriate for children ages 4 to 9 years.

• Only for use with the Leapster Explorer handheld.

There are not only games you can purchase for the Explorer, but you can also find ebooks, videos, flashcards and expansions for it.  They all have the educational components  
My 2 “notes” I guess, since I cannot call them complaints- 
1. The Leapster games aren’t compatible.  Kind of  a bummer, since all previous Leapster models DID have interchangeable games.   I get WHY – or at least I am guessing its because of the newer technology…I just think its a bummer.  (See?  Not a complaint)
2. Batteries.  There are (or will be) rechargeable stations available for purchase separately.  I’d much rather pay about $10-15 more at the onset to have a unit that only comes WITH rechargeable battery pack or with rechargeable batteries.  So much less wasteful and way more cost effective over time.  (Again, not a complaint.)  
You can buy the Leapster Explorer at several online and in store locations. 

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I was provided with a sample of this product to facilitate my review.  All opinions expressed within are my own.

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  • >Great review !! My 3yr old would sooooo love this..I got to check it out..
  • >This looks amazing! I am sure my kid would love this
  • >Awesome. You were the reason we ended up getting Leapster 2's for our kids last Christmas...and now I'm feeling the itch to upgrade my oldest to the Explorer.
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  • >Sounds cool! We keep looking at them for the kids but haven't gotten one yet. This might be a good Christmas present.
  • >These always look like a lot of fun for the kids! It is unfortunate that the old games aren't compatible though :(
  • >sounds great but I agree with you about the recharge batteries
  • >This looks great! I know someone who would definitely love one of these as a gift!!
  • >My daughter would love one of these! I thought about getting her a leapster 2 last year, but I didn't think she would have been able to understand it ye.
  • >We don't own a Leapster so thanks for the review. Looks like a lot of fun.
  • >Thanks for the review. This looks great. We have the Leapster for my twin boys to share but I would really like to get another for them to swap back and forth. Birthday are coming and I will be checking this out for sure!
  • >Would you say this is better for an older child? We have both the Leapster and Leapster 2, but my 5 year old is getting bored with her Leapster and I think Santa might bring something one step up.
  • >Thanks for all the great info. We have 2 Leapster2's and the girls love them. We also have around 10 games that they enjoy and I love the ability to track how they are doing and learning on line. I wish that the games would be compatible. I would be more likely to upgrade faster. I'll definitely be on the outlook for more info though. Leapfrog is an awesome company.

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