Meow Mix Tender Centers (Plus an adorable kitty song)

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Meow Mix for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last winter, we lost our kitty Raistlin after almost 15 years.  Raistlin was a funny kitty- she'd eat Meow Mix Seafood Middles and only Meow Mix Seafood Middles….when it came to actual cat food.  She'd also enjoy potato, watermelon and dog food- along with egg and milk.  I'm willing to wager a guess that miss kitty would have LOVED the new Meow Mix Tender Centers!  Our new kitten, Sunshine (aka, Shun-shine, Sunshine Kitty) has already shown that she'll be following in Raistlin's foot-or rather…pawprints.  She loves yogurt and egg, and we can't wait for her to try some “big kitty food” when she's done with kitten foods.

I always try to buy our pet foods in larger packaging because it means I can spend smarter and save some money.  Meow Mix is available in most warehouse centers including Sam's Club, so I know I can purchase a brand my kitty likes and save some money in the process.  PLUS, I love silly things, and when you visit Meow Mix at Sam'….

you can totally make your OWN custom version of the Meow Mix jingle.  They even have a kitten that looks just like our Sunshine, only with a hilarious wide open mouth and teeth showing (Silly). Check my custom Meow Mix jingle out!

Meow Mix Tender Centers cat food is crunchy outside, meaty inside, and made with the tasty flavors of white meat chicken and salmon. It’s two textures and flavors in perfect harmony. Meow Mix Tender Centers, the taste cats ask for by name.

Meow Mix Original Choice is made with the delicious flavors of chicken, salmon, tuna and ocean fish to give your cat the essential nutrition he needs every day.

I want to see what kitty characters YOU choose for a jingle! Check it out and let me know which you choose (I had a very hard time choosing, and the kids and I spent a long time listening to all of the kitties and laughing a ton!)

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  • Aww sweet kitty. I'm sorry to hear about that. I love the name of your new kitty. Thanks for the info, I will pass it on (we don't have a cat).
  • We lost our little Orange kitty too when we moved into our new house :( My son was devastated and we have the opportunity to get another one and I said YES on Sunday...HUBS said No :( Maybe one day! Love the new little kitty! Super cute!
  • So sorry to hear about your cat :( My cat loves Meow Mix too & since my mom adopted her from me when I moved in with my highly allergic fiancee, I buy a big ol' bag of it for her whenever I can. :)
  • Oh I'll have to check it out. My mom's cat only eats Meow Mix!
  • I'm sorry to hear you lost your kitty. Your new kitten sounds adorable. When we had cats we fed them Meow Mix too.
  • I am so sorry that you lost your cat. We just lost a cat this past weekend. It is not fun!
  • What an adorable kitty! My cats love Meow Mix too.
  • Awwww....Brett, the new kitten is so cute!
  • She sure was a picky little kitty, wasn't she? I guess she was a girl who knew what she liked!