Munchkin Travel Tray and Flash Card are GREAT for a Summer Road Trip

Are you ready for your Summer Road Trip? I know that I am!!!! As I have been preparing for our LONG 24 hour drive to Florida I have been searching out the best products for children. Particularly ones that make the drive easier for my little ones. I have a couple of great products from Munchkin to share with all of you parents getting ready for a summer road trip! Travel Tray The Munchkin Travel Tray is a convenient surface for

drawing, reading, playing and more! The Munchkin Travel tray is perfect for traveling. The Travel Tray’s built in side walls help keeps items from sliding off the tray. The mesh pockets can be used to keep crayons, markers and more.

The Munchkin Travel Tray features:

  • The Travel Tray is a convenient surface for drawing, reading, playing and more
  • Built-in side walls help keep items from sliding off tray
  • Mesh pockets for crayons, markers & more
  • Great for traveling

My Thoughts: This munchkin travel tray works great for my three year old. The size is just right and the soft foam material is sturdy yet not too heavy. The clips attach to the fabric on his car

seat. The clips work great and are easy to attach and detach. He can use the tray for little activities such as coloring, stringing beads, etc…. There is a compartment for a snack cup that I can remove and place stringing beads, or other small pieces so they don’t roll everywhere. It works great! And when we are eating on the run this tray keeps messes at bay. There is a nice well for a snack cup and a side holder for his drink. I can wipe it clean when we are done and avoid spills and crumbs on my car. My little guy really enjoys the farm theme as well. He uses this tray for nearly every car ride. I highly recommend this product for any summer road trip. The Munchkin Travel Tray can be purchased at Toys R’ Us and retails for $19.99

Traveling Flash Cards

Product Description Everyone knows how much fun and effective flash cards are in learning new words. These 42 colorful cards teach 84 new words and have stimulating, memorable images to help kids learn. They introduce colors, shapes, numbers, letters and words to eager young minds. And, the easy-grasp handle allows kids to use them on their own. In a word, they’re wonderful. My Thoughts: Munchkin also sent me their traveling flash cards to try out on my 1 year old. It is so hard to occupy a baby of this age

on a long car ride. These traveling flash cards are fabulous! The cards are not too small, and not too big. The colors are bright and bold. One side has an alphabet and animals, and the other side features colors and numbers. My babies favorite feature is the mirror page. He just lives looking at himself! The cards are nice and thick. They haven’t torn or disintegrated (even with some heafty chewing!). These cards are a great addition to your travel bag or diaper bag. Munckin Traveling Flash Cards can be purchased at Toys R’ Us and retail for $4.99 Follow Munchkin on Facebook for the latest in product updates and promotions! “A sample of these products were provided to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.”

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  • Holly, yes these should fit with all convertible seats . The tray is fairly small and attaches with clips. I found it to be very versatile.
  • Do these trays fit onto all convertible seats? I need to get one for my 1 1/2 yr old's convertible Graco seat..
  • I like that it's educational.
  • These look GREAT!! We'll be on the lookout for stuff like this in January for our big road trip :o)

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