My move from a .blogspot to a .com to a .com on WordPress

When I started my blog, I had no idea what I wanted it to be, what it might become, nor, most importantly, what I was doing. I started a blog thru Google’s Blogger and quickly realized, I wanted my own domain. Interesting, since a few months prior to that decision, I had no idea what that even meant. What a strange feeling, clicking through a few pages on the internet, and realizing that *I* owned my very own .com address. Me!!
A few months later I started to think about moving my blog over to WordPress- I just keep hearing so many good things and features about it, but I was very, very scared. I’m technologically, well, clueless, shall we say, and I had not a clue what I was doing. I did attempt to start, but about 50 minutes into the process I found myself near tears, in total frustration and out of patience- and freaked out.

What was I doing? I had NO CLUE what I needed to do in terms of “claims” or dedicated server hosting– NONE. Not at all. I didn’t even really know what exactly those were.   Things?  Actions?  Desperate (yes, desperate, it was a long 50 minutes), I reached out to some blogging friends who’d moved to WordPress from blogger.  One did it herself and it took her days.  Another, hired someone to help her, but the person wasn’t someone she’d suggest necessarily.  Panic kind of set in.  What was I thinking- and who could I trust with my blog?  Its me- all me- the hundreds upon hundreds of hours I’ve poured into this blog, this baby of mine, my brand- what if I tried to move it and I LOST IT?  Holy moly.  Talk about nerves. 

Friend #1 had a suggestion.  Try this guy, she said.  I kind of wish I’d used him.  She’d not wanted to wait until he was available when she moved so she’d opted for a different person.  Rates are reasonable and he’s good, she said.  I figured it was worth looking into, so with a click of my mouse, I set myself on my path to WordPress.  

Once the contact was initiated, I felt there wasn’t a way to go back.  I didn’t want to chicken out.  I was investing in my future- my brand- in myself.  I felt like I was making a sound business decision- and 2 1/2 months later- I can tell you, I did make a sound business decision. 

I still don’t know what the claims are for other sites to find me or my blog.  I’m not really sure what dedicated server hosting means.  But I have “people” to help with that.  (If anyone wants the name, you just email and ask, I’ll tell you.  He’s marvelous).  But I DO know that I’m having more features and a lot more flexibility with things on my own terms since moving over to WordPress and I’ll be staying here for a long while. 

If you are a blogger, or want to become one- I do strongly urge you to buy your own domain early on.  I’m not saying Blogger is bad or WordPress is good (and I know there are other platforms around but I’ve only used these two), they both have good and bad to them.  But if you are like me, and not comfortable with the technical components of moving to a domain or changing hosting servers- its also ok to ask.  Ask friends, family, colleagues- chances are someone you know, they know someone that does know the answers to these questions, and will help guide you on your path.  I’m 100% fine with not being able to do tech things on my own most of the time- some people are.  I’ll stick with my “guy” for that.

I am participating in a blogger campaign in behalf of The Small Business Authority, which provides dedicated server hosting. I received compensation to facilitate this post. However, the views and opinions are my own.

About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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  • I need to make the switch too. Blogger has been down for over 24 hours...grrr!
  • haha, did you see all my comments on PITM? LOL
  • Did you lose your google page rank when you changed over from blogspot to a dot com address? I've been thinking about it but I really don't want to start over with my PR.
  • I was one of those who chose to do it herself! It was rough! lol... But, I figured some of it out... I wish I knew about your guy before I moved! lol, It would have been sooo much easier! Now off to find someone to do my template/design! :D
  • Oh I need help! I have a blogger blog and I want to do the same exact thing you did. I have done a lot of my technical stuff of my own but I really need some help with this. I have bought a domain but now I am just stuck! I need your guy!
  • I must admit, having used Blogger for 4 years now, I haven't many complaints with them, but they do occasionally rattle my cage! They seem to change things but one only finds out when one is trying to publish a blog post and it's most annoying. There are things you can't do on blogger that I'm sure you can do on Wordpress and, admittedly, one of the reasons I haven't changed is because I am VERY technically challenged. To have someone to help you is a godsend but even when I have that help, I rarely understand what they're telling me. I think I'll stick to Blogger for now and may think about changing in the future. The other thing that worries me, and I'm sure it did you too, is the followers. I notice you have a massive following. Did you manage to transfer them all to this blog? I have 1900 currently and I'd be absolutely devastated if a transfer from Blogger to Wordpress lost them all. CJ xx

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