Nature’s 12” St. Cloud LUXE Memory Foam Mattress Review (Guest Review)

natures sleep mattress review

When my 12” St. Cloud LUXE Mattress from Nature’s Sleep arrived, I was so excited and amazed at how such a large item could fit into such a small box. I wished that they would have given me a way to track the package so that way I could ensure myself that I would be home when it arrived and also that the FedEx guy could bring it into my house. Mattresses don’t come cheap and something like this I really wanted to make sure my investment was safe.

As you can tell the mattress arrived on a rainy day when I was not home. So I was a little nervous when I saw the condition of the box and also had to wait for my husband to get home because the box weight about 100lb.

But as you can see the mattress was fine and perfectly protected by the plastic it was wrapped in.  My husband had to use a dolly to move it to our upstairs which made the transportation of it much easier.  I kept telling myself “I can’t believe this is going to roll out to be a king size mattress 12” thick” It was so tightly vacuumed pack that nothing would have gotten in there.



We laid out the mattress still in its vacuumed form and in a matter of minutes after cutting the plastic, the memory foam mattress expanded to its full shape and size. The direction told me that it would be a little wrinkly until it came to its full form (which usually takes 24-hours).

You can see the progression of the foam coming out of its vacuumed state!

We waited 24 hrs. before sleeping on it to ensure that the mattress rose to its full potential.  The first night sleeping on it was pretty weird -for years I was  used to a spring mattress. When I sat on my new bed it didn’t move nor did I, I just slowly had the mattress conform to my bottom.  It took about a week to get used to my new memory foam mattress.  I loved how it was soft.  I have laid on other memory foam mattresses and it felt hard but after a week it felt nice and soft.

Another feature I love about the mattress is my husband doesn’t wake me up when he gets into bed at night, there is no shaking of the bed at all. I also love the fact that even when my kids come into the bed at night I never wake up and no one rolls into Dad either which is nice.  I can sleep right next to my husband and actually stay in my spot and not roll into him.

I can say after sleeping on the mattress for a month now I absolutely love it.  I really do feel like I am sleeping on a cloud! It’s heaven on Earth kind of sleep.

Emily is a dear friend of mine and when I won the Nature’s Sleep Facebook giveaway (yes, ME!) she agreed to do a review and share her experience with the mattress.  Opinions are her own. 



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  • Love the mattress, is the giveaway still available now?
    • No, sorry its ended a long time ago!
  • Can you tell me if Emily is still enjoying her mattress? Pros/Cons?
    • Yes, she is, and I will ask her if she's got any updates. I know she loves it. I even got to lay down on it a few times. Its marvelous.
  • That looks and sounds incredible! I'm amazed it came in that box as well. What a great idea though, it made it so much easier to take it up to your room. I'd love one of these!
  • I so could use one of these!
  • I really need to check those out- I don't even KNOW how old our mattress is!
  • Wow I can't believe they come all vacuumed up like that - how cool! Looks very very comfortable! I have a temper-pedic and we LOVE it... this seems very similar!
  • Oh man! I was about to say it looks heavenly too! That is the word to describe it! It looks so soft and comfortable.
  • It looks HEAVENLY! Some day I hope to own one as well!

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