The “Acts of Kindness” Advent Calendar

the acts of kindness advent calendarI just stumbled on a really, really cool advent calendar.  Sure, the kid ones are fun, but this, this is different. is putting on an advent calendar online that people can go to and participate in acts of service on a daily basis. It’s a nice idea, especially during the holidays. It’s also interactive.

Each day, throughout December, you get an email in your inbox with the day’s act of kindness.  I was looking through the 2011 acts and saw things like “call someone just to call them and say hey, I’m thinking of you!” or writing a note to someone you love on a post it note and hiding it where they’ll find it (soon).  What a wonderful idea, don’t you think?  I’ve already signed up so I don’t miss an email. I think this may be a ritual we do together as a family before we do the “material” advent calendars this year. noomii acts of kindness advent calendar

Would anyone want to participate with me?  We can even start a thread in the forum to discuss how we did our acts of kindness or what we did each day.  I’m game, if you are.  When I was looking through the acts from 2011, nothing struck me as super hard, or challenging and they even give you a “quieter” way to do things if you don’t want to be public about it.  Won’t you sign up and make a difference with me? I have a feeling it’ll make the holiday season feel that much more festive.

The folks at Noomii would love for each of us to subscribe to get the daily emails, so that none of us misses our acts of kindness email in the morning.  Let’s do it! You’ll get one email each day from December 1 to 25, 2012.  That’s it.


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  • What a fantastic idea! I signed up too!
  • What a cute idea!
  • That sounds awesome- I subscribed!!
  • Ok, this is just the cutest and sweetest idea! I'm going to go investigate that. :)
  • That's a really cute idea!
  • I signed up!!

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