One Tree Hill Season Nine: New Challenges

One Tree Hill Season 9 DVDSeason Nine brought new challenges for each of the One Tree Hill characters: Brooke & Julian deal with being new parents, Haley tries to find a kidnapped Nathan and Clay starts sleepwalking and forgetting periods of time.

I can most relate to Brooke & Julian dealing with being new parents, since it wasn’t so very long ago that we were new parents ourselves.  It’s funny, no matter how much you prepare, study, shop, etc. for being a parent, nothing can really prepare you for what is to come…and I don’t mean that in a negative way at all.  There were so amazing highs and some very low points when our oldest was born, as there were when each of the other kids was born.  I am not sure what truly could prepare anyone for being a parent- the depth of emotions you experience is simply amazing.  The challenges can be very, very hard- simply challenges can become huge obstacles when you are sleep deprived as a brand new parent.   Simple chores become daunting tasks that seem unattainable at times.  But you get through it eventually- and it quickly becomes a memory.

One Tree Hill Season Nine is now available on Ultra Violet!

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  • I miss OTH already!
  • I've really enjoyed this show the last three seasons. I'm going to miss it, now that it's over.

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