Family Movie Night! Watch SING Special Edition at home March 3rd

This post is in partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. SING Special Edition arrives on Digital HD March 3rd, and on Blu-ray & DVD onMarch 21st! Perfect for family movie night!  I LOVE when movies are *out* and we can watch them at home.  Especially when they have such an amazingly talented cast in them, [...]

Smurfs Shampoo from Suave available now

I grew up watching (and loving) The Smurfs.  Having them "back" and being able to enjoy the same familiar friends with my children has been a lot of fun for me.  I can't wait to try some of the new, limited edition line of kids' hair care and body care products from Suave- I have [...]

Plasma Car (Giveaway) #win #rafflecopter

We all know that the holidays are looming oh so near.  For me, this usually means a lot of anxiety about Christmas gift buying.  I have a particularly difficult time with the kiddos on my Christmas list.  It seems like this should be so easy, but I never know what they might already have/want or [...]

Chuck: Season Four – The Ring Bearer

In Chuck Season Four, Morgan has been avoiding his mother's house so he wouldn't have to face Big Mike. Big Mike reveals that he is proud of Morgan’s new role in the company. After spending months out at sea, he has realized that Morgan's mother is the source of his happiness, and reveals his intention [...]

My Publisher Photo Books (Giveaway)

This fall, my oldest nephew got married (yes, my nephew.  I'm the youngest of 8, remember?  I'm kind of the generation in the "middle").  Needless to say we had a million and more photos from the wedding, maybe in part because all three of my kids were IN the wedding?!?!  and I love taking pictures.  [...]

Digital Folio: Attention all (internet) shoppers!! #DigitalFolio

Digital Folio is hoping to change the way we shop online. Instead of us looking for the latest and greatest in hot deals, daily deals, etc., Digital Folio is designed to find those deals FOR us.  (I fully admit I love this.  Lazy me can be lazy to my heart's content!!)  The category that stood out [...]


Sorry for delays- having lost power for almost 6 days and then having sporadic internet/phone service after, I've gotten behind!! American Girl Books: Katy P Lion King DVD Teressa M Play Foam & Alpha Catch Yesi D California Wine Club Allyson B Personal Creations Jenny L

Fish Tanks

Let's face it, fish are not pets in the way that dogs, cats, birds, or hamsters are. For one thing, you actually can't pet a fish. At the same time, there's something both uniquely fascinating and relaxing about fish aquariums -- and kids are even more captivated than grown-ups. There are some great deals out [...]

LeapFrog’s LeapPad and Tag Reader (We had another party!)

LeapFrog has done it again. Or maybe I should say, done it still? LeapFrog is one of our favorite toy brands, and has been since Busy Bargains was a new baby. We've had countless toys and games from LeapFrog, and I forsee many more in our future. Recently we got some really cool stuff from [...]

Woozie Insulate Wine Glass Sleeve Giveaway

  What is a Woozie? It is a wine glass sleeve made from top quality neoprene which insulates your wine glass and feels soft to the touch. When I received my Woozies I just HAD to pour myself a glass of wine and try them out.  I got the 4 pack of Holiday Words of [...]

Shopping for running shoes at Finish Line! #CBias

  Can you even believe it?  Me, who isn’t a runner, or I guess haven’t ever been a runner, needed to go to the store to buy running shoes.  For running.  Since I’ve not done this before, I had no idea where to start or what to think.  I had the opportunity to check out [...]