Patriotic String Art Craft

This project not only covers creativity and patriotism but if you let the kids help out you will be building fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and including an art lesson. While it seems complicated, if you follow the template you will have a beautiful piece to show your American pride! Have fun making your patriotic string art craft!

patriotic-string-art-craftPatriotic String Art Craft


Wood Board

-mine is an old pallet and measures about 5.5″ x 11″

Embroidery floss in red, white and blue

Tack Hammer

Wire Nails

-I use 3/4″ to 7/8″ nails with a larger head on them. I picked up a 2 ounce package at Walmart for a buck!

Black Acrylic Paint or a Sharpie

-The paint I used was Apple Barrel Noir (black) color

Pattern, printed on 8.5 x 11 paper (or larger if you’d like to make modifications) Click to download




StarStripesHorizontalSanding Block (if necessary to smooth your board)

Please Note:

I started with a different pattern (as shown) and realized it was virtually impossible to create because my lines were too close together. Therefore I modified the pattern as I went and changed the pattern to match the finished piece (actually the lines are farther apart on the pattern because it’s way too hard to get your fingers in there to add nails!)



Begin with your wood (sanding it if necessary, or even painting it to match your tastes!) on a flat surface and center your pattern. Tape to the board if necessary. Drive a few nails into your board to hold the pattern.


Begin by pounding your nails into the board following the pattern. I start at the top or left and move right. Place the nails about 1/2″ apart and drive them about 1/3 of the way into the wood. When finished, pound every nail down, checking to see if it’s pretty even. Now WASH YOUR HANDS! Depending on the nails you got, they will most likely be filthy.


The beauty of these nails is that you probably won’t get them all straight, but a few taps on the side with the hammer and they will be straight again.

Remove the pattern by lifting UP and AWAY from the wood and then tear apart/off. Remove any specks of paper with tweezers.


Now you’re ready to string your board. Unwrap and unwind a few feet (say three) of embroidery floss. Do not separate the strands. You will use all six strands. Tie the string around a nail with a double knot. I usually start around the top or left side. Begin to zig zag the string across the nails, back and forth, up and down, all around. There’s no wrong way. Add as much or as little string as you’d like. Your grip will slip and your string will unravel at some point, so every fifth nail or so, wrap the string all the way around the nail head and pull tight.


Once you are happy with your stringing, return to the area you started. Now you need to begin your border. You’ll start with the inside or the outside border, it doesn’t matter. Wrap the string around a nail head and carry it to the next nail head, wrap it around that nail head and continue to the next and so-on. Once you return to your starting point, reverse direction and do the outside (or inside) of the outline. When finished, tie the strings together in a double knot.


When outlining the star, i suggest doing the star first and then the outer circle. That way your string will end on the outside where you started.


Trim the ends of the string.


Paint USA on your board with black acrylic paint or use a sharpie!



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  • This would be SO much fun to do with the kids.
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  • My Dad used to do string art. He has this huge boat he made. I should definitely try this.

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