Paul the Male Matchmaker Season One

paul the male matchmakerI think the idea of this show is, well, adorable. Quirky and funny and a whole new spin on matchmaking.  Kudos to the show’s creators!!  I am supposed to tell you my favorite episode of this hot new Hulu series, Paul the Male Matchmaker, so far.  It’s hard to narrow that down- its the idea of the show itself and Paul, himself that make the show a favorite.  He’s silly and funny and kind of bumbles as a matchmaker (although I have a feeling he’ll have more successful matchups than not), something he didn’t choose but kind of fell into as he inherited the business from his aunt.    The episodes are short, around 5-7 minutes each.  Episode 7 was cute- Know How to Cook, part 1- Paul gets sets of couples to each serve a course together- different courses at different homes.  He’s trying to get a just-introduced man and woman to see how much “fun” you can have grocery shopping for mundane items.  He’s a goof and they don’t know what to think- but hey, it might just work!?

While his methods may not be traditional nor orthodox, it’s hard to not laugh at  a show where someone tells you that “if someone has to scare the sh*t out of you to make it (true love) happen, then so bet it…”   This is not a show for the littles, friends.  It’s all for the adults.  A guilty pleasure!  


Have you watched Paul the Male Matchmaker? What’s your favorite episode so far?



“I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for Paul the Male Matchmaker.”

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  • I think this looks like a fun show! I've seen lots of bloggers talking about it and I want to watch it!
  • LOL I have never seen this before I may have to start watching I guess.

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