Personalized Greeting Cards for Valentine’s Day #SendMoreLove

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I am not one who has time to stand in a card store for an hour to pick that perfect card for anyone.  I used to, and I loved it. But now? Time is money. I also find that while I like X about a card, maybe Y isn’t great, or the images don’t work for me…and it feels kind of generic. So… it’s time to bid farewell to generic store-bought cards, and say hello to Treat. is an online service where you can create one-of-a-kind personalized greeting cards from your PC or iPhone and they’ll print and mail them for you! This Valentine’s Day, treat those you love to a personalized card with your own photos and text, made especially for them.

 photo Treat_zps832edd2c.png

I decided to choose Valentine’s Day Cards for the 5 people closest to me or to my kids (my sister).

My husband- we’re not sappy, so not many lovey-dovey cards are passed between us.  This one just grabbed my attention and made me giggle, so that decision was easy.

hubby valentine front

Why yes, yes I did totally order that card for him.  It’s funny. No need to take life so seriously!

hubby valentine inside

It’s silly, it’s funny, but it’s got a sweet message.  He already knows I LOVE him. And I sign everything me, which is a ‘thing’ for another day.

For my oldest? She’s 8 1/2 and is obsessed with kittens, puppies, ponies…baby animals or cats, mostly. So this one was purr-fect.

m valentine front

You can see on the top where you can also opt to add a gift card to your Treat card.  Always nice to have the ability to add a little more if you’d like.

m valentine inside

You can also see where you are able to add your photo, change the layout or add your gift card if you’d like.  Messages are all customizable.

For our son, I went with a cute but not super cute card that hasn’t got much script- he’s a newer reader and I want it simple for him to read.

j valentine front

Sweet and simple.  I didn’t want to choose something too cute and mushy.  He’d be quick to tell me that it was “gross” which is his favorite word lately. I think this will make him happy!j valentine inside

For our littlest one, who’s 4 1/2 and LOVES princess and sparkly anything and everything, this was the easiest choice I could make.

r valentine front

She’ll be so excited just to see the princess and her name!

r valentine inside

For my sister, who’s very close with my kids and is more like a grama to them than aunt…

c valentine front

She goes to their games, she keeps art supplies in her house for when the kids are there. She’s got kid snacks in her pantry and drinks in the fridge.  So this card was PERFECT for the kids to send her… they’ll all want to make her a picture to put inside I’m sure.

c valentine inside

Here’s an exclusive promo code for my readers. Make sure to order your cards by 11am Pacific on 2/10/14 to get it in time for Valentine’s Day.


With this code you can enjoy 3 cards for $6. Mail all 3 to yourself for free or direct to each of your recipients for just the price of a stamp. (Exp: 2/28/2014. Regular, one time use)

Treat also has an assortment of Photo Gifts available.

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Grab a screenshot or share a pic of the cards you order and share via Instagram using hashtag #SendMoreLove! I’d love to see what you choose! 

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  • My husband isn’t for “mushy” cards either. He loves the funnies.

  • This is great. I love personalized cards. Will have to check this out for hubby.

  • Give me that fart card please. i love all of them and they are hysterical!

  • You made such nice cards! It’s nice to think of Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to appreciate all our loved ones, not just a spouse or significant other 🙂

  • These cards are adorable! It’s so great that you can customize them, but even better that they print and send them for you! Talk about easy peasy!

  • Aww so cute! I don’t know how I missed that fart card haha… Mike totally would have loved that one!

  • You and Joe crack me up. I love that you can send that kind of card to him!

  • Those are adorable cards! I love the farting one best.

  • Really neat and great to personalize them.

  • THese are very cute. The fart card really made me chuckle.

  • Oh now I absolutely love the idea behind creating your own card! Personalized is so cool. And that it gets mailed to you! How fun!

  • I love Treat! They are great when you are in hurry or forget to grab a card. They are quality fine cards! I love them and the gift card option!

  • I much prefer ecards myself. It’s cool that you can add a gift card to it as well.

  • How cute are those. I have a few family members that would appreciate the “You blew me away” card. LOL

  • Love this service and I hadn’t seen some of those cards before. Thanks for sharing revisiting this! xo San

  • I LOVE a card with some humor in it for any occasion! That first one is too funny!

  • I have used treat cards before and I think the whole process is awesome! It does save time and you are not stuck with whatever the store decided to stock. I will definitely use them again in the future. Thanks for the reminder!

  • So cute. Clean and cute – perfect!

  • I no joke made that fart card for my husband last year from Treat! I thought it was just too cute!

    • hahahaha that’s awesome!


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